72-ARKM-G27 "Phantom" Rheinland Light Fighter

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72-ARKM-G27 "Phantom" Rheinland Light Fighter
Rh fighter.png
Owner Faction Rheinland Lawful
Ship Class Light Fighter
Hit-Points 6,800
Nanobots 44
Shield Batteries 44
Power Capacity 8,500u
Power Regen 850 u/s
Cargo Space 55
Ship Hull Price 1,358,000
Package Price 1,401,340

Rheinland ships are generally known for their power and reliability, more so than their agility. However, of late the newer versions of the Banshee and Valkyrie have been adding more of that power and reliability to their engines. Both ships are using better, lighter metals that are stronger then others, so the naval ship builders can get away with putting less thickness onto the frames.

The Phantom in particular is an exception to the Rheinland rule about agility. The ship is relatively lightly armed and armored, but its agility matches that of any light fighter on the market. Anyone expecting the "slow but steady" typical Rheinlanders is going to get a rather nasty shock.

Primarily used for police work and interception, the Phantom is a staple of the Military Police units in Rheinland, and deservedly so.

Performance Data

  • Vertical Turn-Rate: 82.12 deg/sec (1.43 rad/sec)
  • Lateral Turn-Rate: 82.12 deg/sec (1.43 rad/sec)
  • Rolling Turn-Rate: 88.40 deg/sec (1.54 rad/sec)
  • Sensitivity: 7.68
  • Impulse Speed: 80 m/s
  • Max Thrust Speed: 200 m/s
  • Cruise Speed: 400 m/s
  • Reverse Speed: 16 m/s
  • Strafing Speed: 33 m/s


Cloak Data

Ship Package

The ship package includes the hull plus the following items:

Buy/Sell Locations

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