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----------------------------Incoming Transmission---------------------------------------------

Comm ID: Aed Chase, JG pilot and ASB Officer.
Source: Exploration Vessel "Livingstone"

To: All vessels on open comm frequencies
Re: The creation of the ASB (ADMIN Sightings Bureau)

Sirs, for years, furtive rumours have been heard of the existence of great, omnipotent space-faring beings dwelling in this area of the galaxy. For years, sightings of these creatures where few-and-far-between, and solid proof of the existence of these creatures has been difficult to come by.

However, I have scoured the records of factions friendly to the Jupiter Guild and have compiled incontrovertible evidence proving the existence of these creatures. I hereby refer you to some significant case-studies;
Quote:Sourced from AEd Chase's book "ADMINS; Theory or Threat?"

In September of last year, a Corsair battlefleet clashed with forces belonging to the Outcast-sympathising Zoner Security force "AW". Logs from members of both fleets confirmed that they detected an unknown presence dubbed "BULLDOGNK" at the battlefield in Omicron Theta. These sensor readings where recorded in the logs of surviving ships belonging to both fleets, but dismissed as a "malfunction".
During the battle, an energy-pulse emanated from the location of the sensor-disturbance and seconds later a Corsair-controlled Osiris class warship (previously undamaged) exploded spontaniously, leading to the death of the 70 crewmen on-board.

In November last year, the "BULLDOGNK" presence struck again, this time during a battle involving Outcast, Corsair and alien forces in Omega-5.
The Corsair report I studied specifically stated that they found a sensor disturbance with the same characteristics as the previous "BULLDOGNK" presence found in Theta 2 months before. With the threat posed by the alien creatures, the Outcasts and Corsairs chose to focus their efforts on extinguishing that threat, momentarily putting their own differences aside.
The Corsair report, written by one of the survivers of the incident, reported that he suddenly felt "overwhelmed by an invisible force" and "unable to control his body". In a shocking turn of events, seemingly possessed by the force, the Outcasts and Corsairs turned on each-other and allowed the aliens to escape. Shortly after the Outcast ships had been eliminated, the sensor disturbance dissipated.
"BULLDOGNK", so well known and feared among the Corsairs, became part of Cretian' mythology as the "Harbinger of Nightmares" mentioned to children to explain bad dreams.

In December of last year, ships in the orbit of Planet Manhattan reported an unknown and invisible object on sensors, dubbed by the Captain of a Liberty Cruiser as "The Hoodlum Fellow" due to the mischief that his crew credited to the presence, which included engine and weapons malfunctions.
Unlike some previous sightings, "The Hoodlum Fellow" presence detected in December was not connected to the destruction of any ships.
Unbeknownst to the people of Liberty, the Liberty Security Force where issued orders to investigate this presence, but the operation was quickly called off when no findings where obtained. Some agents reported hallucinations after prolonged exposure to the "presence", and one LSF agent, according to my source "is still taking anti-hallucinogenic drugs".

These are a few of the many, many stories that can be found across Sirius, from members of just about every faction and sect, both police and criminal alike, that suggest the malevolence of these entities.

Over the past 6 months, the behaviour of the creatures has altered, and reports have changed. Once frequent, no sightings of the "BULLDOGNK" have been made over the past 3 months, though Corsair children still fear the creature.

Sightings of the trickster; "The Hoodlum" have become less frequent, though occasionally, traders do still credit the creature for inexplicable malfunctions when they occur. Since the printing of my book, the LSF pilot mentioned is still on medication.

Those first to encounter a being are given the opportunity to give it a nickname, and reports from all over Sirius have reached me regarding supposed benevolent organisms. One, known by many names but most commonly "Caylith" is part of many myths across the sector, with some peoples even believing sightings of this creature bring good luck.
Reports received in recent weeks, perhaps even more shocking than those from the Corsairs concerning "BULLDOGNK" concern a being which has been dubbed "Korrd" by the Indipendant Miners Guild. Some pilots have claimed to have been contacted "telepathicly" by the being, and some even claim to have held conversations with the creature.
However, contradicting a number of other reports of actions by these creatures, those who claim to have spoken to "Korrd" claimed the being seemed both friendly and benevolent.

However, the time for quiet curiosity and acceptance of these creatures as a "mystery of the universe" is at an end.
Over the past week, I have received more reports about activity of these beings than I have done in the past 12 months investigating these phenomena.
Encounters with the entities are on the rise, and over the past week at least 4 previously un-encountered beings have been identified.

Due to reports of destruction following in the wake of these creatures, we must be mindful of the potential threat. As yet, no-one yet in Sirius has come forward with a weapon or technology that might be of use against these entities, and if they are hostile and choose to strike soon, we will be totally un-prepared.

The classification of this species, if it IS just one species, is currently not settled upon. However, I and my colleagues favour the identification acronym used by the LSF.

Quote:LSF Source

Anomalous Destructive Metaphysical Innominate Non-corporeal Species.


Due to the surge in activity observed, I, and my colleagues have chosen to create the "ADMINS Sightings Bureau" (ASB) to enable the keeping of a proper record of the entities' activity in our region of space, and in order to discern if they are a threat to us.
If our findings are that they ARE a danger to humanity, we will transmit our findings to all major forces in Sirius so that research can be conducted into a means of combating these organisms.

If possible, we would request that all those who encounter the Non-corporeal space-faring organisms report the events to the Bureau.

Enclosed with this transmission is a database containing sensor-codes and the "nickname" assoceated with each disturbance.
This should enable those who encounter these organisms to be able to identify them by their widely recognised "nicknames".

Thankyou for your time, and good luck to us all,
Aed Chase.

----------------------------------------Transmission Ends----------------------------------

Accept upload? Yes/No

-----Database Upload Completed--------

Firstly, my RP post above is not meant in any disrespect to present and former admins.

For a fair while now, when I've encountered an admin in-game, I've RPd with them in some way.
=LSF=Corbin has been known to go up to the "sensor disturbances", fly around them, shout that they can't be real, and then resolve to take more medication.
Carlos Benitez, in his wisdom, came to the conclusion that Admins must be some kind of previously un-discovered extra-dimensional and ethereal space faring organism, and has even held conversations with them before. (Korrd).

Devoted to RP, my characters find it difficult to ignore the admin presence, which is now growing thanks to the new batch (congratulations, sirs). This has lead to some interesting conversations with otherwise un-occupied admins, and some very fun RP. Hopefully, this can continue.

If an Admin pops up on your scanner, come on here and tell us about it! Have an RP theory about them? Tell us!

I should however stress that I do not advocate hassling otherwise busy admins, and that RP with them should only be attempted if they are not otherwise occupied with server business.
[Incoming Message]
[Comm ID: Rogue Nemo]
[Comm Source: ******, California System]
[Comm Destination: ASB monitored frequencies]

The other night, myself and some colleagues of mine were *ahem* helping our cause,
when one of the boys said "An ADMIN is here." Sure enough, there was one of these creatures.
Our ships sensors picked him up as a "Del" I had heard that these creatures were capable of
tremendous power and so plucking up some courage I respectfully asked this particular one if
he had any medicine for me (I have been feeling jolly unwell for some time now.) He replied
with a quiet "No, I have none on me, unfortunately."

I now wonder if I had asked for a healing instead of medicine he might have done it?

But whatever the case, I didn't quite know how to talk to this creature. It fair gave me raised
hairs all over. The "Del" coasted through the California System. One of my other esteemed
colleagues told me that the "Del" was now in New York. I shuddered with relief and went to get a drink.

Bottoms up and all that eh what? Oh bother...I said that again...

[Transmission Terminated]
[Incoming Message]
[Comm ID: Jupiterguild Dalilama]
[Comm Source: ******]
[Comm Destination: ASB monitored frequencies]

Dear ASB board,

This evening I saw a HUGE flux of ADMIN activity around planet Manhattan. This event was shortly followed afther a HUGE ionstorm that distrupted the communications network of sirius.

My Theory is that these "beings" are "Guardians" of the human race and are concerned with the survival of the humans as a species. Their occasional destructive behavior is to save the lives of countless others.

Ofcourse this is just a theory. I will keep a close eye on this communication system to see what others think about the anomalies..

Dalilama, OUT

[Transmission Terminated]

Incoming Transmission
Comm ID: LPI Chief Matt Myers

Ya daft fools, the ADMINS are the result of the LPI's research into genetically alterin' humans to have super powers. Its damn expensive (why there are so few), and while their great power means that we can't control 'em, we consider 'em honorary LPI "supah coppahs", though they have no jurisdiction.

End Transmission
[Incoming Transmission]
[Unknown source]

I talked to one! And he made someone else be eaten by a black hole!

*Falls to his knees in awe*

PRAY to the all powerful admins!


[Transmission ends]
Incomming message
to ABS comm panel

from LC Mercury captain Olaf G.

Sirs its about time someone started collecting Data on these creatures.
after years of raceing and trade runs I have a few stories about the admins that would curl your hair but, I prommised my therapist I would not discus them in public. (I think she is writeing a book on space stress)
well I might be a bit Coo Coo but it dont mean them things arnt real..

good luck hunting the living ghosts.

---Binary Transmission Incomming---
---Numerical Decoder Activated---

Transmission Target: ADMIN Sightings Bureau
Transmission Source: 1010010110100101

We have been attempting to covertly study them for some time now. While we have only encountered the organisms once before and long ago, we recently discovered what could only be described as a mothership. We attempted to communicate with and then scan the massive ship, but there were absolutely no measurable signals or energy signatures coming from it. Upon moving closer for a visual analysis it began firing and was able to sustain continued weapons fire, forcing us to alter course to avoid the devastating effect it had on our shields. Thankfully it did not pursue us or cause any major damage.

Shortly after this incident a signal designated "Virus" was picked up on long range sensors going to and then later coming from the system this mothership was last spotted. Afterwards numerous sensor and navigational errors have occured so we began a system diagnostic to fix these problems, all systems are now fully functional. We theorize that these A.D.M.I.N.S. are able to utilize a near infinite power source and their advanced technology with any ship and in any system they choose.

We consider these beings extremely dangerous and now have standing orders to avoid them and their mothership at all costs. Our suggestion is that you do the same.

All of our files and research are now considered classified materials.

---Numerical Decoder Deactivated---
---Binary Transmission Terminated---

// pm me if i need to correct anything. //
Incoming transmission
Source: Captain Nemo

A long time ago I encountered an ADMIN, it was just floating in space near fort bush in New York so I had plenty of time to scan it.

The space craft was normal enough, but the shield and weapon systems were of a type I have never seen before and were immensely powerful, I theorize that they are humans that travelled back in time from a few thousand years from the future.

I don't, however have a clue on why they would have travelled back in time or what there purpose is.
[Incoming Message]
[Comm ID: Ironwatsas]
[Comm Source: Unknown, isolated to within northern Kusari]
[Comm Destination: ASB monitored frequencies]

Entity, while I am reluctant to make any communication with such as you, the implications of these 'Admins' trancends any political or social divisions humanity has faced, and therefore poses a higher priority then any implicit hostilities between us. I will upload all non-critical data that I and my 'benefactors' possess on these creatures.

While I can come up with multiple plausible theories as to the ADMINs intentions and origions, the fact that sightings of them are fleeting, and their presance tends to cause odd equipment failures in most... human designed technologies, plus the fact that most of my data comes from sources outside my... juristiction make any concrete theories impossible to verify.

What I have managed to gather is that the 'admins' are a form of entities that can change their appearance to blend in with local inhabitants. This is based on the fact that they seem to use human ships (and in some cases, those of the Slomon K'hara) communicate fluently in all common languages, and seem to have an innate knowlage of those around them, and a degree of affinity with both technological systems and astronomical phenomina. The true extent of their technological capabilities are unknown, but belived to exceed anything present or imaginable by ANY human factions, the Slomon K'hara, and possibly even the Da'am K'vosh. To put within human understanding, they are 'gods among men'....

...or daemons.

What few interactions between humans and admins I have been able to gather intel on, indicate that they are highly unpredictable, but rarely will attack humans without provocation of some sort. The wild card is what classifies to them as provocation. Indeed, admins HAVE attacked human ships, and when they do, they are utterly unstoppable, so much so that they can even erase memories and remove an individual from existance without firing a shot. How they can is anyone's guess.

As far as actual sightings go, I have recived reports of several vessels from my... subservients... emmitting energy signatures consistant with Admin vessels. As well, these energy fields seem to wreak havoc with ship's navigation and external camera systems, so I have no images that can positively ID any admin vessels. The reports I do have come from citizens within Liberty, indicate there is a high degree of admin activity within the new york systems. While I belive many of these to be exaggerated, I have a half-dozen confirmed sightings. The most recent, from a civilian scrapper who reported a fleet of at least 5 admin ships orbiting Manhattan.

Because of the anomalies that tend to follow admin presance, Ion storms, system failures, and mysterious psychological anomalies, getting a clear image of one of their ships is impossible with conventional technology. I do however belive that a Slomon K'hara entity might be able to retain a neural imprint of one of these ships, but ofcourse then arises the issue of getting them to submit any information to us.


But, there is another issue at hand here.

Connected to the Admins, is the phenomina known as 'modders' to quote the common term. As many of you are aware, these 'modders' are in some way connected to the admins, and are equally unpredictable in behavior. Usually they are hostile, but have also been known to attempt communication... possibly trying to subvert other pilots to their... cause. The prevailing theory is that these 'modders' are not directly related to admins in origin, but have gained access to a small fraction of the powers of the admin. This appears to have adverse effects on their psychology and behavior. Often, they will attack innocents without provocation, or perform manuvers far greater then the specifications of whatever ship they are flying.

It is belived, that the admins are extremely hostile with these 'modders', and have stopped at nothing to destroy them. To that end, it seems the admins are acting more as guardians rather then malefactors. Destroying 'modders' to prevent their form of power to fall into the wrong hands. Because of this, it is advisible to allow the admins to proceede unimpeded, under all circumstances. If you are attacked by one, it probably won't matter what you do. I won't be hearing from you again, however the modders seem significantly more dangerous due to their warped mindset.

This is all the info I have available. Cross compile it with your own and we can begin to draw a conclusion. It is of great intrest to... our benefactors... that we find out once and for all who and what these 'admins' are...

[Comm Signal Disconnected]
[Transmission Terminated]
[Incoming Transmission
[Comm ID: Jim Markey

Saw a 'Del' the other day. It was patrolling Manhattan and warning people of broken comms. I didn't realize mine was until addressed. Scared the what-have-you out of me.

Hail the Admins!
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