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Full Version: To: The Lane Hacker Professorship
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To the Esteemed Members of the Professorship,

Though I've never had the pleasure of meeting any of you in person, I'm sure you and yours have had your fill of the cargo I find my holds full of these days. I am Mansel Alcantra-Contari, a Commandante of the Contari Lance and member of its honorable namesake.

The Esperanza is a capable ship, the pride of my distribution fleet, and I trust her crew to supply the Orange to Liberty itself. As of late, the Rogues have been on the receiving end of many of these distribution runs, either via Buffalo, Alcatraz, or through some covert Junker here or there. It is not my intent to leave the Lane Hackers wanting.

Whether you rely on your own transports to import the Orange, supply via drop-off points, or if you prefer the Lance to provide its manner of direct distribution, I assure you the Contari Famiglia will do what it can. Lately, Cortez and Magellan have been a focal point for Colonial, Gallic, and lawful activity, which has further complicated our lines.

Simply put, this business with the 101st has, in our eyes, decayed into a nullity that can no longer restrict Malta from doing proper business. Regardless of our political whims and taunts, the Contari Famiglia is moving forward. To do that properly, I'd like to know where you may need the Orange and how much we can provide. Only then can we move to methods. Malta would also be honored to host the Professorship, and I hope you might see fit to take advantage of our hospitality. It has been far too long.

Para la gloria de la Nación

Mansel Alcantra-Contari

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Dear Senor Alcantra,

Thank you for your kinds words. Indeed, our encounters with the Contari Lance have been very rare. Besides one unfortunate bolts exchange we have witnessed in Galileo in the wake of the civil war and one tentative conversation with Senor Santiago about your views on the Nomads, we had no official contact with your representatives. During the crisis we relied mostly on our own stockpiles of Cardamine, however, recently we have sent several convoys to Omicron Alpha.

You're absolutely right, that Magellan and Cortez became nearly too dangerous for such smuggling operations. Just recently we have destroyed a Liberty Carrier and terminated two officers of 27th Colonial Wing who were foolish enough to split away from the main allied fleet. Unfortunately, this is all we can do. Ambush and terminate lone military marauders, who wander dangerously close to our headquarters.

This state of affairs coupled with the recent collapse of several jumphole networks forced us to update our smuggling routes. Currently our transports launch from Leiden Base in Galileo and travel through Shikoku, New Tokyo, Honshu, Sigma-19 and Omicron Beta to finally arrive at Planet Malta with our software. On their way back our transports go through Kepler and Colorado, where they finally detour to Cochrane Depot in Ontario, which currently serves as our Cardamine stockpile and distribution center. This is also what I suggest to consider in your smuggling operations. If you wish, we might organize a joint run.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter
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Signora Hunter,

I admit it embarrasses me to have been tossing our resources to the Rogues almost exclusively without consideration of your needs and awareness of how dangerous the situation is. I hope you'll forgive me for my oversight.

Now that I am better educated on the subject, I can say I will be more than willing to divert our distribution efforts to Cochrane instead of Mactan, as it seems that would make your own efforts just a tad easier. In the alternative, we can continue running these so-called blockades through Cortez to Mactan to avoid centralizing your current stores should they come under threat and make a more . . . political statement. The Esperanza has been caught many times, but she has never been brought down. Many of our newer or perhaps less intrepid pilots do indeed run through Kusari, but I believe those routes will only remain "safe" for so long as the Gallics consolidate their resources with their allies. I favor a punch-in-the-mouth approach.

Our current smuggling assets are typically available for joint runs, and I greatly favor them. I also personally appreciate the opportunity to operate with allies who have such a great understanding of scouting, surveillance, detection, and evasion. On the other hand, should you choose, I'm certain our combat operations wing could be convinced to make a show for those standing in our way.

I understand we may have different postures. Some prefer the covert approach, while others choose to roar their loudest in the face of adversity. Both are equally respectable. I will have my crew ready on your word, but until then, I'll have our assets diverted to Cochrane.

Para la gloria de la Nación

Mansel Alcantra-Contari

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Grettings Senior Alcantara

My name is Orlov. Earlier today Miss Hunter and I organized a convoy of software to Planet Malta. We delivered our finest training simulators as well as an entire train of Missile Guidance Systems. These are in high demand and we are working to construct more for a near future delivery.

We will overnight here on Malta, and once our holds are full of Cardamine be on our way.

Delivery cam 1

Delivery cam 2

I am looking forward to working with you more in the future.