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Full Version: Gateway Shipping Inc - ROLLCALL Jan. '14
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We request that all current Gateway players please sign in here.
Gateway character(s):
Skype name:
Activity/Interest level:

Thank you!
Gateway character(s): Miles Stuart - Chairman (and other nameless pilots)
Skype name: highlandladdie777
Activity/Interest level: VERY HIGH
Gateway character(s):
  • Elvis Cole, Merchant (Executive) - Transport
  • John Brown, Merchant - Transport
  • William Bligh, Merchant - Freighter
  • Joe Pike, Escort Pilot - Bomber
Skype name: pelbarandu
Activity/Interest level: high/fairly high
Gateway character(s): Vimal Kumar (CEO) , Mark O'cornell (trader), Irvin Thomas(escort leader)
Skype name: vimaltheking1
Activity/Interest level: well, ingame a bit low but forum and skype damn high..
Gateway character(s): Catherine Cornwell
Skype name: grenadierrm
Activity/Interest level: Medium
Gateway character(s): Francois DeVersailles (Executive)
Skype name: You already have it.
Activity/Interest level:Pretty high. A bit unactive ingame due to recent holiday and exams, but will increase soon.
Gateway character(s): Gateway|-GSE-Mercury
Skype name: nyeki.hunor1
Activity/Interest level: High, (relativ inactiv in final exam session)
Gateway character(s):
Gateway|-GSV-Voyager(Will add one more)
Skype name:sathish.wazza
Activity/Interest level:Hmm,new recruit
Gateway character(s):Gateway|-GSV-Osama
Skype name:Osama.gulryz1
Activity/Interest level:High
Gateway character(s): Gateway|-GSV-Peter.Shaw
Skype name: pvm_skyper_gamer
Activity/Interest level: Activity = low (I'm sorry), Interest = high

I will try to make time, but I have almost none at the moment. RL goes first at the moment, but I want to stick with you Wink
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