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Full Version: Player Owned Bases Attack Declaration Thread
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This is a dedicated thread for factions and individuals to state their intent to attack Player Owned Bases.

In order to attack a base, a player or faction must have appropriate ID lines and roleplay justification as noted in the server rules.

A siege declaration MUST be posted in this thread prior to attacking the base, following the format below. Additionally as noted in the rules, bases at Core 2 or higher must have documented roleplay stating the player(s)/faction(s) intent to attack prior to posting a siege declaration.

Name of player(s)/faction(s): [color=#32CD32][b]Name[/b][/color]
Name of Player Owned Base: [color=#32CD32][b]Name[/b][/color]
Link to RP showing intent to attack: <Link>

Please note a Siege Declaration becomes active 24 hours after posting, and is valid for 2 weeks after.
Once expired Attack threads can be found here.
As a reminder of the initial post, official and unofficial factions may declare a siege on a player-owned base after proper roleplay, if required. The declaration should specify which official or unofficial faction is making the declaration. Players not a part of the declaring official or unofficial faction must comply with the declaration requirements separately.
Name of player(s)/faction(s): Xeno Alliance (XA-) and Xeno Indies
Name of Player Owned Base: Laima's Cradle
Link to RP showing intent to attack: <Link>