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[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

To whom it may concern,

I'd like to discuss an issue of security regarding your property. It has came to my attention, that there was a series of explosions among your snubcrafts. Being the specialist at explosions, I can lend expertise in this field to decrease such occurrences. If you are interested, we can certainly discuss it more thoroughly.

To whom it may concern,

You had an opportunity to discuss issue at hand. But ignoring me will not do you any good. Chance for civilised dialogue has vanished and I will proceed with my monologue. Universal Shipping Incorporated is to transfer the sum of 333.333.333 credits to my account. Otherwise any USI asset will be tracked down for extortion or destruction with due diligence. And you know my capabilities first-hand. You have a second chance to rethink your aproach. But do so fast, time is running away.
[Image: r8tkrm.jpg]

Dear Mr. Vladimir.Scorpius:

My name is Jon Kristof Bielecky.
I am a Coordinator in our Department of Internal Affairs at Universal Shipping, Inc. We met in space some time ago, near Pueblo.

First of all, I would like to point out that your threats against USI are unacceptable. I would like to indicate my displeasure in this matter! Your ”Universal Menace Countdown” makes some of USI employees upset or even scared.

I strongly believe that we both are here to talk. If you can agree with that, then the first and absolutely mandatory step is in your hands now: Stop the countdown.

Only after will the possibility of me being authorized to have a discussion with you could become a reality. It would be a terrible failure for both of us if you did not comply.

Hopefully we’ll speak again...
Jon Kristof Bielecky.
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Mr. Bielecky

Let's not waste time. If your corporation refuses to pay the demanded sum, I and my colleagues will use all of our resources to divide your profits by zero. Unlike anyone else, we are capable of performing this function.
So it is in your best interest to lay off the pressure of this counter, because that would mean that for the next 3 months, your corporate assets would only be asked for contribution of 333.333 credits each time I see them.

There are only 3 ways out of this.
1. Comply to save assets.
2. Make me an alternative offer.
3. Refuse and face the consequences.
[Image: r8tkrm.jpg]

Mr. Vladimir.Scorpius!

If you are transferring this message only in order to declare a war - it's fine, my job is finished here.
USI Department of Security will do their job.
But, if you are here to talk about some important matters, stop the clock!
My hands are tied until it's turned off.

With best regards
Jon Kristof Bielecky
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Mr. Bielecky,

I must congratulate you on your dedication. Now that I know what kind of character you are it is my curiosity what can we discuss further. For the time being, the clock is meaningless and I am willing to hear you out.
[Image: r8tkrm.jpg]

I assume, that you are a reliable man. You reveal that upon our first meet.
Im quite sure you’ve notice your disrepute in Liberty. Most of our employees, and business partners are aware about your madness.

Our traders and miners are being beset. Moreover, you are constantly stealing our credits and cargo. You do not hesitate even to kill our security officers just in order to gain some profits.
Whoever i’m dealing with, tries to show me that you are an insane, bloodthirsty murderer.

Therefore i’m awaiting the proofs, that they’re all wrong!

I know you do business in Liberty. Basically, we all want credits! We are able to make that goal easier for you. However, earlier you have to prove, that you’re a trustworthy partner.

Do refrain from all of attacks on Universal ships for a few days. I assure you, Universal Department of Security will proceed the same. Consequently, we will able to talk about measures to stay on that peacefully ground forever.

Your move, Mr. Scorpius.
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Mr. Bielecky,

I am no madman. While it might sound a good excuse to provide superiors why one's ship was lost to Lane Hacker, it makes no difference to me, personally. I know who am I. Do you? You ask me to leave your assets and employees alone, but was it not the case ever since my first message? Perhaps it was mistake on my part. Should I have mede my point more convincing in order to show how futile it is to underestimate me in the first place by continous assaults?

Money, while is beneficial to my organisation, is not what I am after. I was wronged by Ageira and now whole corporate empire of Liberty is receiving my end of the bargain. I lost my eye when Ageira betrayed me to receive more credits, but that day all was revealed to me. Irony, I know. But, even with one eye, I see it clearly.

You mentionined your security staff. Are they not the ones incapable of supressing me down? I went on a planned rampage against your corporation and I got your attention.

Now, we can discuss the terms, how much is it worth to you, to divert my attention elsewhere. If you are unable to offer commodity that can be traded so easilly, find more valuable approach.

You are losing my interest. And when I am bored with something, I stomp it over. Over and over again. Untill there is nothing, but shattered pieces.

Your turn.
>Incoming Transmission
>Comm ID: Maeve Nolan, Coordinator, Department of Internal Affairs, USI
>Subject: RE: Mr. Scorpius
>Location: Trenton Outpost, New York System

[Image: 2z4l9iu.jpg]

Mr. Scorpius,

Mr. Bielecky had to take care of a family matter, so I will be your main contact at this time. My name is Maeve Nolan, and I am also a Coordinator for USI's Department of Internal Affairs.

After looking over your complaint, I believe there is a misunderstanding. Let me first say that I am deeply sympathetic to what happened to you. I cannot imagine losing an eye. Nor, can I imagine the level of betrayal you must feel. However, USI is not the issue here. We did not do those things to you. We did not take your eye. It truly is a shame that the events in your life led up to now. Where you feel compelled to harm others.

Because of your recent cooperation with Coordinator Bielecky, I hope we can resolve this problem. I am prepared to offer you
5,000,000 S.C. that should only go towards getting you the help you need. You can apply it to doctor's fees or even legal counsel. In return, I expect all hostility towards USI to stop. Like I said before, we truly sympathize your situation, but we are not your enemy here.

Maeve Nolan

>End of Transmission

>Attachments Downloaded...
>5.K.Y.P.3 Contact Info.: michael.trenton (Michael Trenton)
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Ms. Nolan,

Either you are short on two zeros in your designated amount, or you are insulting me.

This is it. Universal Menace begins as of right now. You better hide your ships, else Junkers will be all over what's left of them.

When you want this all to stop, you are to wire 333.333.333 credits to me.
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