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Full Version: [Closed] Unlawful jobs-Red Hessian Army
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Transmission established...
Source: Vogtland base, Dresden system

[Image: 264px-RHA_Logo.png]

Welcome to Red Hessian Army job board.
Currently there's 1 billion of SC to claim.

First of all, read following definitions:
1) Enemies of Volksrevolution-ships bearing Daumann, Kruger, Republican, Rheinland Military, Rheinland Federal Police, Marinenachrichtendienst, Bounty Hunters Guild or Corsair ID.
2) Red Hessian zone of operations-Rheinland, Omegas, Omicron Gamma, Omicron Theta, Cambridge.

Chapter one. Destruction of hostile vessels
The most honorable and best payed job is destruction of vessels belonging to Enemies of Volksrevolution within Red Hessian Zone of Operations.
We are ready to pay:
2 millions for each destroyed freighter or transport (can be claimed only by gunboats and below)
3 millions for each destroyed fighter or bomber (can be claimed only by gunboats and below)
7 millions for each destroyed gunboat
10 millions for each destroyed cruiser
15 millions for each destroyed battleship

If target was member of respective group primary fleet, you will receive 50% more.
We need an ID scan aswell as timestamped death message with your name on it or without any other names, except the target's.
Those, who will show excellent results may request access to hessian ships and guns.

Chapter two. Blood diamonds smuggling
Red Hessian Army wants to distribute diamonds across the whole Sirius! And you will be able to help us.
The blood diamonds should be delivered to following locations:
1) New York system, planet Manhattan
2) New Tokyo system, Roppongi station
3) New London system, planet New London

We are offering additional 2000 of SC for each delivered unit.
We need two timestamped shots: one with buying and one with selling blood diamonds.

Chapter three. Cargo interdiction
Hessians can tolerate many things. But not slavery, cardamine and artifact smuggling.
Any transport with said commodities should be stopped and asked to drop Cardamine/Artifacts or free Slaves.
We are offering same 2000 for each slave liberated, unit of cardamine or artifact destroyed.(//free slaves = sell them on freeport or hessian base)
We require 2 timestamped screens of weaning said commodities and destruction/liberating them.

Chapter four. Intelligence gathering
The only way to defeat your enemy is to know him. We are following that old doctrine. And you can help us by submitting scans of shields and weaponry of snubcraft belonging to Enemies of Volksrevolution.
Each pair of timestamped scans will be rewarded with 1 million credits.

Registration regulations
If you're a group of individuals, you should simply be friendly to Red Hessian Army to register. Also, we need list of chapters you want to claim. If you want to claim bounties under Chapter one, you should also be hostile to Enemies of Volksrevolution.

If you're individual we need same. Plus your callsigns and shiptypes.

Of course, we require proofs of your reputation.

And finally, who can register here. Freelancers and Pirates are quite obvious. Others can be our fellow comrads from LWB, Bundschuh and Mollys. Finally, Vagrant Raiders showed will to work for us.
If you're not belonging to factions listed above, but still want to work for Red Hessians, your case can be reviewed separately.

Transmission terminated
//If you feel that I've missed something, please contact me in skype: dtanana
Gut-en tag,
My name is Patrick O'Neil and I am a Freelancer flying a Firefly that perfectly fits the needs for Chapter two - Blood diamonds smuggling and would also like to sign up for Chapter three - Cargo interdiction and also Chapter four. Intelligence gathering

My ship's call sign is : Patrick.O'Neil
Ship Type : Firefly

I am right now docked at Freeport 5 in Omega 41 if you feel you need to take a look at me personally.
Proof of Reputation:[attachment=1206]

Guten tag,

I am Nicolas Kroos, a LWB pilot flying the bomber Sense. I would like to register my vessel to claim the bounties under the chapters 1, 3 and 4.

Callsign: Light.It.Up
Ship type: 'Sense' bomber

Visual proof of friendship towards hessians:[attachment=1207]
Transmission established...
Source: Vogtland base, Dresden system
ID: Diplomat Gotthold Ludewig

[Image: 264px-RHA_Logo.png]

Guten tag. Herr Kroos, herr O'Neil, you can start working on hessian movement right now.

Transmission terminated.
Gut-en tag,

I am the captain of the Border World Transport Corchorus, a freelance vessel. Although you may be able to guess from my ship name I do lean towards Hessian sympathies.

Any way to increase the free market is to be encouraged and your Chapter Two - the delivery of Blood Diamonds seems to fit the bill. I would like to register for this bespoke delivery service.

I would also be willing to declare an interest in Chapter Four. Intelligence gathering

Ship: Corchorus
Ship Type : Series "DL" Border Worlds Transport

My ship is currently at in Omega 11 if you require a verification inspection.

Hessian affinity: [Image: jfhpw9.jpg]

God þē mid sīe
[Image: vJ2rNNa.png][Image: 3dSZFc6.png]

The Lane Hackers are ready to smuggle Blood Diamonds into Liberty. We will be using covert ships.
Transmission established...
Source: Vogtland base, Dresden system
ID: Diplomat Gotthold Ludewig

[Image: 264px-RHA_Logo.png]

Guten tag. Captain of Corchorus, The Lane Hackers, you're welcome.

Transmission terminated.
[Image: vJ2rNNa.png][Image: 3dSZFc6.png]

Three shipments were made so far.

01. Freital Base -> Planet Manhattan ( 3357 units )

02. Freital Base -> Planet Manhattan ( 3357 units )

03. Freital Base -> Planet Manhattan ( 3357 units )

Payment due: 20.000.000 SC
Payment destination: LH~Scorpius
=== Incoming Transmission ===
== Encryption: Yellowbrick ==
[Image: Escher.png]

I'm signing the Raiders up for this. All categories.

Merak operatives, marked VR-|, are under orders to gather all the information they can for chapter 4, possibly including combat data if the situation permits.

=== Transmission Ended ===
== Trace Successful ==
= Location: The Emerald CityERRORERRORERROR
Transmission established...
Source: Vogtland base, Dresden system
ID: Diplomat Gotthold Ludewig

[Image: 264px-RHA_Logo.png]

Guten tag, herr Escher, Vagrant Raiders can start hunting targets aswell as doing other jobs.

Transmission terminated.
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