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Full Version: The Junker Marauders
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Ship Naming: JM|-[Shipname]
Example: JM|-Silver.Hound


The Junker Marauders are a group of nomadic Junkers who rove the Borderworlds and other secluded areas of space in search of loot and plunder. Either naturally, via the salvaging of lost wrecks and collection of floating scrap, or by force; the Junker Marauders are not afraid to use violence in order to get what they want.
Their agenda and ideologies vary quite differently from other groups and individuals within Junker society. They are not afraid to make enemies out of those who do not offer them anything substantial back. To a Junker Marauder, a person is only as good as their credits.

Lucky Independent Miners Guild Pilot Wrote:They came like phantoms underneath the shadows of the asteroid fields. I didn't pay much attention towards my radar, especially when these vessels showed up as having Junker transponders. Heh, Junkers. You wouldn't expect it, would you? You really wouldn't think that people such as them would be collecting scrap one minute, before firing SNACs at your ships hull as you desperately try to flee.

The Junker Marauders are a group of nomadic Junkers who rove the Borderworlds and other secluded areas of space in search of loot and plunder. Either naturally, via the salvaging of lost wrecks and collection of floating scrap, or by force; the Junker Marauders are not afraid to use violence in order to get what they want. Their agenda and ideologies vary quite differently from other groups and individuals within Junker society. They are not afraid to make enemies out of those who do not offer them anything substantial back. To a Junker Marauder, a person is only as good as their credits.

The Junker Marauders actively fight the fight against the tyranny of the Hogosha and the terror of the Xenos. Unlike other Junkers, the Marauders actively take a stand against two of their biggest dangers. They tenaciously hunt down Xenos in Liberty and exterminate them, as they do with the Hogosha in Kusari. The Junker Marauders see this as a just revenge for each Junker that has suffered because of these two groups. They show an even greater ferocity towards Hogosha and Xenos, considering the problems both of them have given Junkers. The Junker Marauders are not letting up in their quest of vengeance. They look lowly on those who supply their enemies, such as Samura.

The Junker Marauders fight for the rights of Junkers everywhere. Whether passively or aggressively, they want to create a Sirius where not only Junkers have safety and security but also have powerful influence and prosperous wealth. On top of being masters of thievery, the Junker Marauders are also esteemed smugglers. Thanks to their close ties with the 75th Mosquito Squadron, they successfully smuggle profitable contraband through the houses undetected. They one of the best, if not the best, smugglers in Sirius. They move cargo discreetly and efficiently, avoiding trouble whilst still being able to maximize profit for themselves and satisfaction for their contractor. They are rarely caught and in they event they are caught, their influence within the houses runs deep and can pull them out of a tricky situation.

"Profit by any means necessary". Every Marauder keeps those words within their head at all times. Those words are the blood, flesh and soul of a Marauder. Decisive, cunning, merciless and tactful; the Junker Marauders ensure the well-being of themselves, and the downfall of others.


Primary Objectives:
•Profiteering by any means necessary: Piracy, Salvaging, Smuggling, Bounty Contracts.
•Crackdown on the Xenos movement.
•Elimination of the Hogosha.

Secondary Objectives:
•Redevelop ties with the Sirius Underworld.
•Subjugation of the Sigma Wing
•Ensure that the Junker reputation with the Houses does not crumble via worming out Unlawful capitals from Junker bases and appeasing law enforcement.

Tertiary Objectives:
•Creation of Junker bases within the Borderworlds.
•Get blues


The year was 820 A.S. A small convoy of Junker ships, 2 Salvagers, 3 CSFs and a Pilgrim Liner, desperately tempted to shake off a swarm of Xenos that were on their tail. Their cargo holds were filled to the brim with Black Market Munitions, a commodity that would amass a good amount of wealth if sold at its destination. However, Black Market Munitions are contraband. The Black Market Munitions combined with the simple fact that these blockade runners were Junkers; the Xenos had a very strong reason to stop them. Whether that be via killing them there and then, or stopping them. Being Xenos however, they wanted to opt for the former. The negated the use of tradelanes, they didn't want to fall victim to whatever ambush could be waiting for them at either the Kepler gate or the Galileo Gate. They raced towards the Galileo hole, with the Xenos in hot pursuit. Later, they had managed to fly themselves into Galileo; the party of 6 Junkers flew as quickly as they could towards the Shikoku hole, with the Xenos still on their tails.

Eventually, they had managed to steer themselves into Shikoku. The Xenos were still doggedly pursuing them. The leader of the convoy, George Masters, told the Junkers that instead of heading towards the New Tokyo jump gate, it'd be within their interests to head into a large gas cloud, in order to lose the Xenos that were following them. The convoy suddenly changed its' course, and proceeded to the Saiun Cloud. Upon venturing into the cloud, the party later discovered an unknown jump hole that they had not seen before. Curious, George, who was piloting a CSF, ordered the convoy into the jump hole, hoping it would take them away from the Xenos. Suddenly, the Xenos swarm came out of nowhere. They pounced on the Convoy, quickly destroying one of the Salvagers, its cargo hold and crew lost in a fiery explosion. In panic, the convoy suddenly split up, desperately trying to flee. The other Salvager, Pilgrim Liner and two of the CSFs quickly made a dash to escape the gas cloud, and to possibly head back into Liberty. Unfortunately, their pathway was cut off by a group of Hogosha, prominent nemesis to the Junkers who were akin the Kusarian regions. The swarm of Xenos mixed with the Hogosha proved too much for these Junkers. Their ships were soon being dealt with, with little effort. One by one their comm signatures disappeared off the group communication channel, paired with a violent explosion occurring outside the gas cloud. They were all killed, the Hogosha and Xenos didn't leave a single survivor.

The other CSF, which did not follow the rest of the group, had jumped into the jump hole to avoid ending up like its' lost comrades. It had now found themselves within Kyushu. In their visuals, it could see a tradelane in the distance. Eventually, they approached the lane and discovered it could take them to the planet in the distance. From there, the CSF could then head towards the Tau-29 region and take a hole in there to Tau-23. It proceeded to take the lanes to get to the Tau-29 gate. On their way towards the Tau-29 gate, their lane was cut. Though, it was a Golden Chrysanthemum who had mistaken them for simple traders. The Golden Chrysanthemum asked where it was going, George told the Golden Chrysanthemum what had happened, how him and his co-pilot were the only people to survive from the convoy and that they were desperately on their way to escape Kusari. The GC then told him that he could take a quicker way rather than go through Tau-29; he could use the Tau-23 hole. The Golden Chrysanthemum uploaded the coordinates to CSFs' navmap, and then it set off for the hole. It was quickly discovered, then it jumped into Tau-23. Once it found itself in Tau-23, it promptly sold its' goods on Cali base, not wanting to continue the trip any longer.

Once George and his co-pilot had sold the goods, they ventured back to Inverness. Fearing for their lives, they took a route to Inverness via the Taus, Baffin, Coronado and Cortez. Still distraught at the loss of the convoy, they headed back to Inverness empty. Once they reached Invergordon Spaceport, George and his co-pilot, Carol Horner, counted their loses. The number was very large, both financial and moral. George and Carol needed a way to make a quick buck, they needed money. Inverness was situated neatly on the borders of Bretonia, out of the eyes of the law enforcement. The remoteness of Inverness gave George and idea. Why buy goods, which would potentially have to travel a far distance, if he could just steal goods from unsuspecting passers-by.

George and Carol set off in search of loot to plunder. They flew the CSF from Inverness and into Cortez, eventually taking up a spot in the Curaco > California Jump Gate lane. Half an hour later, a small transport hauling Platinum Ore came down the lane. Instantly, George and Carol cut down the lane, followed by the hasty shot of a cruise disruptor. They demanded the transport captains' ore. It was a lucrative good that could rake in a serious profit. The CSF had 500 units of cargo space, it'd be enough credits to get them back on their feet. Fearing for his wellbeing, the captain complied. The CSF was now loaded up with a load of platinum ore. George and Carol then flew the ship into New London, where they made a considerable profit on Waterloo Station, earning them enough credits to recuperate their losses. They then headed back to Invergordon in Inverness.

This recent endeavour gave the pair an idea. Traders are everywhere in Sirius; large ships transport goods to every corner of space. Every transport ship was simply a flying Sirius Credit Card; they were loot, ripe for plundering. Hunting down trade ships in search of goods was such an easy business. They could ask for their credits, or their cargo. Both would land a profit for the pair. They decided to look for possible organizations that would welcome their ideals. However, the only prominent Junker organization was the Congress, and they had a strict no piracy rule. That was a shame, for George and Carol. The key to their success would be a group to rove the vacuum of space in search of loot. Therefore, George had an idea. He put an advertisement up in the more shady parts of Invergordon, asking for people to sign up with their crews to join a small group of Junkers: The Junker Marauders. From this point, the Junker Marauders were born.

:::]Zone Of Influence

[Image: m9dUe7p.png]

•Border Worlds
•Independent Worlds

•House Space

•Edge Worlds

The primary areas the Junker Marauders operate in are often stalked for piracy targets. They target various transports and extort them for their goods or credits. The Secondary areas are the areas where the Junker Marauders haul their stolen loot into. The buyers of the cargo would not think that the cargo could have a nefarious origin. The Junker Marauders also smuggle contraband in and out of these areas of space. Tertiary areas of space are not visited frequently by the Junker Marauders. If they are within those systems, it is often for highly secretive operations.

:::]Ranking Structure

The Junker Marauders lack an extensive ranking structure beyond their high command, however this does not interfere with the impressive organization that they are known for. Three Marauders sit at the top of the clan, managing diplomatic and business related duties. Below them sit the other Marauders. The Marauders do not restrict technology and ships between themselves, thus ship and equipment usage is very liberal among the clan. However, there are some exceptions, such as the more secretive projects of the Marauders.

[High Command]
Grand Marauder
They are the top power in the clan. They are admired by their flock and feared by their enemies. They shape the clan based on his will and ideas, he controls all it's activities and all of it's operations.

Deputy Marauder
This person is the second in command in the Marauder clan. They assist the Grand Marauder in his/her duties and also oversees all activities.

Chief Marauder
This person is the third in command in the Marauder clan. They assist the Grand Marauder and Deputy Marauder in their duties.


Blood Dragons
Golden Chrysanthemums

  • Outcasts
  • Daumann Heavy Construction - DHC
  • Kruger Minerals - Kruger|
  • Lane Hackers - LH~
  • Liberty Rogues
  • Council
    Gas Miners Guild - GMG|
    ALG Waste Disposal - [ALG]

Friendly Neutral
  • Vereinigte Widerstandsarmee - VWA|
  • Ageira
  • Gallic Junkers - <gj>
  • BMM
  • Gaians
  • BDM

  • House Unlawfuls
  • Bretonian Armed Forces
  • Bretonia Police Authority
  • Bretonian Intelligence Service
  • Liberty Navy
  • Liberty Security Force
  • Liberty Police Incorporated
  • Rheinland Federal Police
  • Rheinland Military
  • Zoners
  • House Corporations not listed

Neutral Unfriendly
  • Union Corse - [UC]
  • Colonial Republic
  • Hellfire Legion

    • Kusari Naval Forces
    • Kusari State Police
    • Kempatai
    • Kishiro
    • Gallic Royal Navy
    • Gallic Royal Police
    • Gallic Metal Service
    • EFL Oil & Machinery
    • Ile-de-France Shipping

    • Independent Miners Guild - IMG|
    • Xenos - XA-
    • Hogosha - [|]
    • Nomads
    • Infested Forces
    • Samura
    • Farmers Alliance

    *External diplomacy only, ie how we normally appear to act. Any and all groups may be screwed over in the pursuit of profit at anytime. Profit by any means necessary.


    • Junker
    • Borderworlds
    • Faction technology acquired through diplomacy
    • Civilian: Rheinland, Bretonia, Liberty and Generic/CTE
    The Junker Marauders are very proficient with their use of technology. Often, their ships are built up from the ground or crafted from pieces of spare scrap and/or wrecks found floating with where they operate: either leftovers from battles fought long ago, or a freshly wrecked ship that has most likely come into that condition by the Junker Marauders themselves. The craftsmanship and flair they implement into their ships is akin to the typical love shown by the standard Junker for his or her own ship. However, the Marauders make the necessary modifications to help them further achieve their goals.

    The Junker Marauders flaunt that they completely understand fixing, repairing, adjusting and refurbishing technology. However, this simply acts as a guise to build their own ego. In actuality, they are good at their craft as expected, however they're no gods with technology. As with anyone, they require the resources in order the fund their next technological 'breakthrough'. The Junker Marauders do leave their mark in what they make. Beyond the coldness of the metal that binds the products they make together, is the underlining sinister tenacity of determination.

    "Profit by any means necessary"

    :::]Join Us[:::