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Full Version: Rollcall - July 2014
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Due to some shifts in our playerbase (returning vets, recruits, leaving people) and that I have some higher ranks to fill, rollcall.

Use following template:

[color=#FFFFFF][b]Character names:[/b][/color] <First name, surname>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Skype ID:[/b][/color] <skype here>
[color=#FFFFFF][b]Timezone:[/b][/color] <timezone here>

[color=#FFFFFF][b]Additional notes:[/b][/color] <notes here>
Character names: Charlotte Shelby
Skype ID: alphawolf215
Timezone: GMT +1 I think? (London time)

Additional notes: Not been the most active. Been a bit busy in Bretland :S
Character names: Aoi 'Red Tail' Kunieda
Skype ID: ghost.radical
Timezone: GMT+3

Additional notes: Katana and Omega pwnage op
Character names: Arthur "Tormented Hope" Jekyll | SD-Oracle
Skype ID:
GMT+2 (Summertime) <- Current
GMT+1 (Wintertime)

Additional notes: Omicron update op pls gief
Character names: Aelita, Stone
Skype ID: Boogie Man (Clayton/Shizune)
Timezone: -06:00

Additional notes: Perhaps wonky RP? Yep totally
Character names: Dr. Josephine Schultz
Skype ID: minou.scarlet
Timezone: +1:00 (?)

Additional notes: FREE HUGS FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!
Character names: Tanis
Skype ID: You know it
Timezone: GMT -7

Additional notes: SOC forever!!!
Character names: Nicholas Rogers
Skype ID: You have my Skype.
Timezone: GMT+3 Summer Time / GMT+2 Winter Time.

Additional notes: We got to blow up the Donau !

Character name: Agent Andrew Malone
Skype ID: you have it
Timezone: GMT-3 (Brasil)

Additional notes: Transport pilot, Science Division

Character name: Forlorn d'Autoine
Skype: You have it
Timezone: GMT +2

Additional Notes: Satan
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