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1. Forum name of the owner:
  • Gypsie Skripto

2. What exactly are you requesting?
  • Zoner IFF, TAZ ID, [TAZ] tagged Junker Salvager Frigate.
When he returns to TAZ, Gyspie Skripto plans bringing his current ship with him. This return is not scheduled and depends on RP developed by several players. If approved, I'd stop using the .:j:. Salvager (and delete it) the moment I start using the [TAZ] one.

3. Exact name, identification and affiliation of the character:
  • Name: [TAZ]Telemakhos
  • ID: TAZ ID
  • Affiliation: Zoners

4. Why is this request necessary for the continuation of this character's roleplay?

After his exile into the Junker Congress, when things are calm enough to return to Baffin, Gypsie will have to get back to his job. He's a discordian reporter and he needs to travel Sirius-wide to learn about politics, economics, cultures, wars, and everyting that stirrs when the Chao Wheel spins.

Now that he's known what flying a Salvager Frigate is, he's set to make the one he's using in the Congress his permanent home, even after he returns to TAZ. The ship is right what he needs and he has been getting familiar with the technology for quite some time already.

Dr. Van Van Mojo is also grooming Gypsie Skripto for command. The young reporter still has a lot to learn. so he is encouraging him to travel. His recent ties with the Junker Congress already make him a perfect candidate for reinforcing diplomatic bonds between the two factions.

5. What short-term and long-term goals are you planing to achieve on this character?

Short term goals:
  • Resume his activities in the Temporary Autonomous Zoners.
  • Adjust the ship for his needs when flying as a Zoner. Improve armor and scanners.
  • Avoid transit inside Kusari House Space.
Long term goals:
  • Establish a Temporary Autonomous Zoners embassy in Puerto Rico.
  • Establish a Junker Congress embassy in Baffin.
  • Promote joint activities between both factions, such as resource production and distribution, intelligence exchange, space exploration and construction.
  • Publish the No Buns No Cabbages Reports #3 with an article on Junker life and James Trenton.

6. Provide links to the relevant forum roleplay.

  1. James Trenton and Gypsie Skripto meet at the Drunkern Junker.
  2. A little adventure on board the Junk Town.
  3. The Baffin Order Crisis.
  4. Gypsie asks James Trenton to recieve him in the Junker Congress in his exile.
  5. A Sponge and a Rusty Spanner

7. Provide a cliffnote/summary for the links provided above.

  1. Gypsie meets with James Trenton in Puerto Rico to offer the Congress Junker to write a story about him for his No Buns No Cabbages Reports.
  2. Gypsie ends up as one of James Trenton's crew members on board the Junk Town Salvager Frigate. Their first joint job brings unwanted guests onboard.[/url]
  3. Dr. Van Van Mojo tampers with an old TAZ relic and the singularity drive of the Persephone causing a visual phenomena which is later confused by Order with Nomad technology evidence. The Order starts a witch hunt in Baffin which leads to the self-imposed exile of many TAZ members out of Baffin. The vast majority goes to Omega 52 but Gypsie decides to go to Puerto Rico.
  4. Gypsie's application to join the Junker Congress, personally adressed to James Trenton.
  5. A set of chronicles of Gypsie's experience as a Temporary Autonomous Zoner refugee inside the Junker Congress.

8. How long has this character been building its backstory?

Gypsie Skripto is my second oldest TAZ character, only newer than Dr. Mojo himself. He's been one of the most active public TAZ figures for some years already.

His flirting with the Junker lifestyle begun in 2013 when he decided to approach Junker big fish James Trenton. The series of events that ended on a Puerto Rico exile for Gypsie, allowed me to retake his story in this last month.

9. If you feel that you would like to provide us with character references, specify whom.

  • Character James Trenton, belonging to player JunkerTown.
  • Any TAZ member who's been around enough time.
Approved under TAZ ID.
1. Exact name of the character:
  • [TAZ]Telemakhos

2. Link to the approved request:

3. Provide links to any post-approval forum roleplay:

4. Provide a cliffnote/summary of the roleplay done related to the goal(s) listed in the original request.

Despite him having returned to Baffin only once and undercover, Gypsie has suspended his activities within the Junker Congress and has resumed his duties as a Temporary Autonomous Zoner, opening an office at Freeport 2 in Bering.

From there he makes regular visits to Puerto Rico, and in one of them he arrived just as Nomads invaded in force. Luckily he had already adjusted the ships equipment. A battleship's scanner allowed the easy spotting of the squids, GMG gunboat turrets offered some last resource self defense, and a cloaking device allowed him to help rescue the injured without being spotted by the nomads.

Now he's set to negotiate shipyard rental and expansion with the Colonial Republic. He will travel to the Omicrons, to bring the Zoner shipline to Baffin and not depend on Lavidia for ship construction. James Trenton will be coming with him, looking for some answers to way-too-long-postponed questions about the origin of Junkers, seeking to protect the Congress from Nomads.
First check-in passed.

See you in three months.
1. Exact name of the character:


2. Link to the approved request:


3. Provide links to any post-approval forum roleplay:

4. Provide a cliffnote/summary of the roleplay done related to the long term goal(s) listed in the original request.

Gypsie has become TAZ Ambassador since the original approval of the request, not only before Congress but before everyone. He has lead the construction of Sirius biggest-to-be Freeport in Baffin, and from his offices there he has pulled the strings that are within his reach. The forging of an alliance with the Junker Congress is almost complete, and the establishment of a Congress embassy in Baffin is already done. The Persephone Crisis has been pushed forward if not concluded. Gyp's tuning of the Telemakhos to his Ambassador needs is also complete thanks to the cooperation of some groups and factions, such as the GMG and the Congressmen who run the Junkyard.

1. Exact name of the character:

Old name: [TAZ]Telemakhos
New name: [ELF]Telemakhos

2. Link to the request to be amended:


3. What exactly do you want changed?

Change to the new name and change to Pirate ID.

4. Why are these changes necessary?

Gypsie has defected TAZ and is founding with other ex TAZ and new incorporations the Erisian Liberation Front in his exile. The Telemakhos is his home and he is bringing it with him. The foundation of this new group is an RP process that I would like to take ingame on board on my good old Sallie. He has sworn James Trenton, Congress Arbiter, that he will hear no complaint on the ship now carrying the Jolly Roger, and if he does, Gyp will hand over the ship back to the Congress if necessary.

5. Provide possible links to the relevant forum roleplay.

[ELF] Faction Information.
His last hour in TAZ.
The Founding of [ELF]
A new request of help to James Trenton and the Junker Congress
Second check-in passed.

Have fun.
1. Exact name of the character:


2. Link to the request to be amended:


3. What exactly do you want changed?

I want to change the character name to which the SRP is asinged to just Telemakhos (no tag). The 100% powercore was part of previous approvals so I'd like it to remain like that with the new name. The new ID is Zoner and the IFF is Zoner.

4. Why are these changes necessary?

Because ELF doesn't exist anymore, and after a break (both for the cahracter and me as a player) I want to come back to Disco and roleplay as an independent Zoner. The change to Zoner indie ID is because Gypsie now works for the CoF, not any Zoner faction.

5. Provide possible links to the relevant forum roleplay.

I've only been back three days so far, roleplay is right now ahead, if all goes well with this changes.
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