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Good Evening TAZ
It has Been Some time since the Last Transmission between Gateway and TAZ
My name is Murdock McFlanagen Director of Operations for Gateway Shipping Inc. and Captain of the Gateway|-GSX-Gyrados, Some of You may have Seen me passing through Baffin others During the IMG convoys in the Tau's.
I send you this transmission with a little Business Venture/Proposal We would like to Acquire and Sell the Pineal Amulets That Originate from your Home System on our Base in Cortez : Oceania
In Return we Can Bring you a Weekly Ship Of Bretonian MOX.
If this Offer Interest you then we can discuss the Pricing.
Looking forward to Doing Business with you.

-Murdock McFlanagen Director of Operations for Gateway

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From: Gypsie Skripto, Temporary Autonomous Zoner Ambassador
Location: Shasta Orbital Skyhook, Baffin
To: Murdock McFlanagen Director of Operations for Gateway
Encryption: Mild

[Image: dE6P0LG.gif]


Indeed, it has been some time since our last comm Mr. McFlanagen. Last time I spoke with you people, Brunswick Shrine was only a dream. Now it's a reality, growing at a steady pace. It's growth, despite being a blessing, also means more responsibility. One of those responsibilities is the supply of fuel for the base engines, shields and life support.

We've found that both Deuterium and Hfuel, which we get easily either from OSI, CR, or the GMG, are not as efficient as Bretonian MOX. That's why I can only say yes to your proposal. You'll find no trouble in buying Pineal Amulets at Shasta, our Skyhook above the Goddess Geode, but I'll try to keep a small supply of these on Brunswick Shirne so you can pick them up in the same spot where you drop the fuel.

Just two things to take into consideration. The first is that you might notice from time to time that our MOX stock doesn't need it's weekly replenishment. This is actually good news, it means there have been no accidents and the shield has not activated itself. The second consideration is that in order to maintain the peace in Baffin we need you to be as quiet as possible about our contract when it comes to Mollies. Although they are not our allies, we have no quarrels with them and we'd like to keep it that way, so we don't want them to think we're in bed with the Queen, ok? If you see one during your runs, just do as if you were one of the many wandering traders that come and go from and to Baffin.


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Good Evening Mr Gypsie Skripto

Apologies for the Delay had to get the Local Junkers to fix my Comm.
Gateway will make sure take your considerations into account! we don't want to cause unnecessary Trouble after all. I Will over See the 1st Shipment of mox in the next day or so.

See you soon.

[Image: GatewayTransBar2End_zpsc0208d50.png]
[Image: GatewayTransBar1Start_zpsd55bb68a.png]
Good Afternoon Mr. Skripto
Happy to Report that a Delivery of 3995 Units of Bretonian MOX has been made free of Incident...well apart from getting a bit lost on the way to your Base. Quite the interesting Stock of goods you have stored on the Shrine.
Be Seeing you
[Image: GatewayTransBar2End_zpsc0208d50.png]
[Image: GatewayTransBar1Start_zpsd55bb68a.png]
Hello Again Mr. Skripto
Your base seems to have a clear week it only consumed 3291 Units of the 4740 I Brought it, I will send the Rest To Oceiana Shipping Platform along with some More Pineal Amulets.
Speak to you again Next week.
[Image: GatewayTransBar2End_zpsc0208d50.png]