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Full Version: The Core Ship Requests
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The Core Ship Request Centre

[Image: r5SDvVw.png]

AP Manufacturing creates nothing but vessels of pure excellence. Their beauty and prowess is unmatched and they are so awesome that they may be considered the ships of gods. Are you worthy of flying a vessel greater than the ship you currently own? Have you tirelessly worked towards furthering the objectives of The Core? If you feel ready, then apply for a new vessel in this channel.

Firstly, you must send 10% of the cost of the ship to Core|Bank.1 and submit proof of doing so (// Not including cost of armour etc, just base cost). Once that has been done, fill the form:
Pilot Name: [Name here]
Your Current Rank: [Rank here]
Ship you are requesting: [Ship]
Planned Callsign: [Ship Name here]
Proof of sent cash to Core|Bank.1: [Proof here]
Various roleplay and other material to support you getting this ship: [Links, reasoning etc.]
Pilot Name: Jack Marston
Your Current Rank: Knight
Ship you are requesting: Mako
Desired Callsign: Core|WV-Disseminator
Proof of sent cash to Core|Bank.1:
Various roleplay and other material to support you getting this ship:
Ave, Knight Marston

Whilst typically we hold of allowing low ranking Core pilots access to such vessels, your dedication to the cause has certainly been made clear in recent months. Thus, we have decided to approve your request. AP Manufacturing has recently constructed a Mako; may you take it and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies with it's terrifying power.