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Full Version: Online Navmap (v4.93.0 patch 4, thread updated 28.06.2020)
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Hi! I thought it was about time to set up a little information and feedback thread for one of the projects that I've been working on for a while, for those who may be interested:

This new in-development site provides - as of 04/08/2015 - rendering of named zones (debris fields, nebulas) and objects (planets, bases, wrecks, etc.) and their infocards when requested, all in crisp, zoomable non-raster graphics, automagically generated in your browser directly from up-to-date game files each time you load the page.

Note: This will be maintained alongside my old navmap site(s) and the Wiki system page maps, for those of you who use them. This is intended as a complementary and hopefully better alternative to those maps, as they require heaps of manual work (i.e. screenshots) to update and aren't really all that good nor usable - and particularly not so on mobile devices - for all the effort that they take to update.

Do also keep in mind that it requires a relatively recent browser to display correctly, so Internet Explorer 8 and below is probably out, unfortunately.

If you've got any unlisted suggestions, bugs or just a question or two, feel free to come with them! I greatly appreciate all the feedback that I can get, as I probably won't be able to pick up all bugs during testing due the enormous amount of different objects and zones this has to handle. Big Grin
oh this is nice, very very nice, certainly more up to date and aesthetically pleasing than wiki-ing
That's pretty damn cool, nice work!
Wow, I'm saving the link because that is some good clean web design right there. Short and to the point too.

The pages load so fast that I don't even need to plot a course in game, I just look at your map and follow the lines.

Thank you very much for ever ounce of work you put into this. This kina stuff makes me happy I'm back.
This is awesome, nice work!

[ Drooling audibly ]

It's pretty good, I've been looking into accomplishing similar using svg or canvas. Would probably be easier for drawing connections and whatnot.
there's no omicron lost Sad
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