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What is it...

[Image: mZbfg85.png]

going to be?

[Image: fXCnCnu.png]

That's right. A few hundred blocks of neutrality.

[Image: GJcgfAZ.png]

View down to the spawn area. Westpoint Station being constructed in the back.

[Image: BYYQk6p.png]

[Image: BYYQk6p.png]

/edit Exterior almost done.

[Image: oYZHhVR.png]

[Image: 0ZCYoBe.png]
Found some more nice shots. Spam/arrows incoming.
[Image: FokhIOy.png]

Yes, sir?

[Image: IjzBi4T.png]

Please kill hundreds of us rarely spawning spooky scary skeletons...

[Image: KxpW9Nv.png]

...just to fight a boss, that rather attacks all the endermen instead of you. gg

[Image: VWKfBrT.png]

Speaking of rare spawns.

[Image: Ma733YN.png]

And rare biomes. (First one found.)

[Image: AlhvS6h.png]

But totally worth the search.

[Image: czrFmXz.png]

Same goes for this.

[Image: YaflXrF.png]

Most annoying mobs after skeletons.

[Image: gUYh5qK.png]

View down from the... "shaft".

[Image: 1r6JhvG.png]

Everyday I'm shoveling.

[Image: oGWtNCQ.png]


[Image: 5MmWtU7.png]

[Image: kEht7LB.png]

[Image: hRoV4An.png]

Last but not least, a second Ender Dragon flying above the desert for whatever reason. Yes, it got fried.

[Image: mQjYcs3.png]

/edit Texture Pack: Faithful32
Well, well, well.
[Image: 2CttGUy.png]
Narc, you know i got one of those underwater palaces like 20 blocks behind my island fortress
(08-19-2015, 09:58 AM)DragonRider Wrote: [ -> ]Well, well, well.
[Image: 2CttGUy.png]

There's a backstory to it.

I've found the well structure for the first time, and asked in chat if there's more to it, like some hidden underground something. Yet I've called it "fountaine". Thyrzul then said it's called "well". I disagreed and put a bucket of water on top of it, changing it into a fountain. Well, that's why.

(08-19-2015, 11:14 AM)Caelumaresh Wrote: [ -> ]Narc, you know i got one of those underwater palaces like 20 blocks behind my island fortress

Good grief, I wouldn't tell people where my findings are. Tongue

Speaking of findings, nobody bothered walking the 10k blocks to the mesa biome I've found via the netherporal.
While you disagreed with me it has never really been up to personal opinion that it was a well and not a fountain before you put water on top of it, and turning it into a fountain doesn't really prove your point of it being a fountain before either. Smile
(08-17-2015, 03:39 PM)Narcotic Wrote: [ -> ][Image: 0ZCYoBe.png]

Imagine if someone built the entirety of the Discovery universe in Minecraft to relative scale (As in: 1000 Blocks = 1000 metres = 1 kilometer scale; not coutning system gaps, of course).

...I don't even want to try and imagine just how large that would be, but to do the maths (just humour me on this):

A larger system such as New York for example is 240 by 240 km on some maps (including all shown empty space both between and beyond objects. So those timesed is... wow... 57600 kilometers, or... x1000... uh... 57600000000-ish blocks worth of space, and that's not counting vertical distances... So that's not ever happening unless it were instead done at the scale in the above image, and even then I wouldn't expect anyone to want to do it.
Freeport in minecraft looks epic, nice idea Smile
It's interior would be more fantastic tho Big Grin
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