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Full Version: RULES
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Because you've managed to utterly destroy the simple common sense rule multiple times in the span of two days, congratulations you get rules to follow.

1. No Griefing
2. No Spamming
3. No Advertising
4. Keep the flame minimal. This isn't 4chan.
5. No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items
6. Display a minimum of respect. These are community members, not strangers.
7. No Hacks. Modded clients to get a minimap are okay. X-ray stuff & co isn't.
8. No 1x1 Towers. Seriously I'm tired of cleaning these up.

You can go at war with other factions. Worldguard is here to prevent insane griefing so spamming lava in order to circumvent Worldguard is NOT acceptable. Keep PVP enabled in your regions if you are at war. Zones will not be claimable by others because this is not a full-blown Factions server. It's a community server before anything and interests will be different.
Here's the full list of usable WG flags:

use (this flag is for doors, levers, etc but NOT inventories.
interact (this flaw is for EVERYTHING interactable)

see for more information.