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Full Version: System Editing Guide Feedback
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System Editing Guide

This thread serves the purpose of allowing you to ask questions, present suggestions and feedback and corrections regarding the guide.
As I have said in the OP of the thread, I will expand the guide as I find the time. It is far from complete at this point but the list of tools already allows you to find out a bit on your own if you can't wait.
I'll follow that thread, since I was interested in looking into how it works. Cheers.

Maybe now I can learn how to do fields properly..
This is actually really well timed - I'd been talking to people about pooling knowledge to do exactly this! As rodent said, I'll keep an eye on this so Ilearn the basics.

Also, what's your stance on Fl-ids versus FLDev?

Had you seen this, Spazzy?
First thing that came into my mind is Discovery Discovery edition.
Aweasome! I will learn modding now
Should make a troubleshoot part for when dealing with errors, such as what to look out for and how to fix game crashing edits.
I never needed to look for FLDev so far. It's good that you mentioned it though. I actually just looked at the FL Infocard Import/Export application provided by the FLDev page and have to say that the interface is vastly superior to fled-ids. I will update the guide accordingly.
I suggest you pin that thread because it seems as though it'd be very important for people wishing to learn. If you can't pin it, let me know and I'll do it for you.

On the plus side it's clear and clean whilst at the same time being very informative! Nice work!
That would be very nice, actually. If you can, I'd also like you to remove the now redundant attachment (and the note above that tells everyone to ignore it) when you pin it.
Thanks in advance!
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