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Full Version: Geoff's Sound Dev Work
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Okay, just to see what i'm doing within disco, my edge-RP.exe needs a break to try kick things to what i do best to content. Thats sounds, i love sounds, i feel that sometimes sounds need changes, and that sounds always represent things before they're seen. So, here i will post what ever I'm working on ect, ect, even if its for my own private little mods that aren't Disco-Offical. Or maybe community contributions.

Any content you see here was mostly done on a separate client file, and done in single player. Thus, please don't use these INI edits, they can get you banned.

(I don't feel like i might be good at such a thing, but at least i shall go down trying {in vain possibly})

Standalone Cerberus-BS Sound
Passed and implemented

Anyway, so here is the first thing I've been working on, repeatedly by a few people, ever since the INI restrictions, it seems that there can't be a standalone, So working with the code first, it seemed "Simple" enough to edit, but i'm not too sure if "That is it". Unless i need to go full hackerman and write some more lines.

The Sound-FX were all made from stock sound effects, edited and then screamed at, the tests in this video were not done with its own line of code, i currently don't want to edit the files and then screw myself over because i forgot to edit them back and get banhammer:
(Don't mind the laughing, i got lazy and forgot to mute teamspeak)

Kyoto Theme Music & Standalone Kyoto Cave ambiance

This one was a bit complex, i wanted to explore the basis around creating independent sound files for separate planets and bases. Looking at them, i decided one of the most important bases in the current Kusarian sectors really lacked the "We're important, so we need our own theme" feeling. So giving Kyoto a theme was my first step, but i also wanted to explore ambiances within the "Cityscape" that it has, but making it feel more alive compared to other systems.


Standalone sounds (Razors, Solaris, Cerbs, Bomber Torpedos and SNACs)

Recently got into something and i've found myself doing some more stuff at school, so i feel updates are going to be slow. So, I've had a look at the more commonly used capital ship weapons in the game, and I've tried to give them their own sound. All are royalty free but i've done my edits to their sound. All i need is an opinion on them.

if you just link us to the sound file for this effect then we can all have it without having to edit inis.
Editing INIs is not required for sound mods.
(11-26-2015, 02:57 AM)Black Widow Wrote: [ -> ]if you just link us to the sound file for this effect then we can all have it without having to edit inis.
Editing INIs is not required for sound mods.

With the sound currently in use by some other weapons, hearing the stock sound of the Cerberus slightly killed the feeling of "a large cannon designed to punch armour".

weapon Sound files in FL don't play fully when rapidly fired, they're cut off and played at the start again. But this also allows for more variables between weapons, making more distinctive sounds for heavier turrets. Its nice to have a variety of sounds, especially for weapons, this just adds more of that variety, even for the most popular heavy turret in disco.
also black widow, do note if you just replace the soundfile, you'll have the same sound for all other guns that use the same soundfile

eg the gmg guns will probably be really annoying BONGBONHBONGBONG noises
[bump]: Kyoto Music and separate ambiance added, the video is long so the entire ambiance is played
[Update]: Been busy, new video added. Tests on Standalone sounds (Razors, Solaris, Cerbs, Bomber Torpedos and SNACs)
Cerberus BS sounds Mk2

I got complaints, little did they know i was already working on a new one.

at least 20x better than the current sound, nice. Big Grin
L-8A10 "Warthog" Gatling Cannon, Sound Prototype 1

With a 16.67 Refire, Prepare for a wall of lead
I also hate this, its ballistics. So i was asked to make it.

crv pitch needs to be 0
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