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ID / IFF: Core / Core
Tag: Core|
Snubcraft: Core|Firstname.Lastname
Gunboats: Core|AV-Shipname
Cruisers, Battleships: Core|WV-Shipname
Transports: Core|APM-Shipname
Mining Vessels: Core|APM-Shipname[M]
Faction Anthem: The New Order (Alternative Version) - Mick Gordon


The Core is a Paramilitary Organization operating within Edge Worlds and some Border Worlds. Often composed of ex-mercenaries, ex-law enforcement, sometimes ex-criminals and even businessmen who sacrifice their lives in the houses, wishing to gain fortune and power found within the Edge Worlds instead. They're relentless and willing to do whatever it takes in order to crush their enemies and obtain alien technology within the Edge Worlds and Border Worlds. Any who oppose The Core, namely factions such as The Order and the Corsairs, are exterminated without mercy.

Within The Core's forces exists the primary fleet, indicated by a Core| callsign. They are a collection of the most elite and highly trained warriors and tacticians who gather from all over Sirius to take part in achieving The Core's goals. These pilots are often involved in The Core's most dangerous, most important and sometimes most secretive operations.


Outside from the safety of the House colonies lies the Sirian final frontier: The Edgeworlds. The Edgeworlds are a mysterious place filled with unknown treasures, priceless rarities and breath taking sights unlike any other in Sirius. Zoners often set up their own colonies and Freeports within the Edgeworlds, choosing to opt for a peaceful existence away from the Houses. However, such beauty hides evils unbeknownst to the common explorer...

Deadly, terrifying alien creatures and their minions capable of manifesting and disappearing at will, aggressively striking down prey without a second thought. Menacing mechanical constructs roam the Edgeworlds with unknown agendas. Feral Corsairs and Outcasts continue to pirate and kill not only each other, but innocents within the Edgeworlds as well. And finally The Order, a malicious terrorist organization, seem intent on completing their goals, irrespective of whatever human or civil cost must be paid.

However, within the darkness exists a light. The Core, rising from the ashes yet again, strives to preserve, protect and install law and order within the harshness of the Edgeworlds. The Core mercilessly cracks down on all hostile elements within the Edgeworlds, slaying them as part of their conquest. As well as this, they try to obtain as many alien materials and technologies as they can so that APM and Core scientists can create more powerful and potent weaponry and ships for The Core to use. Ultimately, the dream is for The Core to create an Empire within the east of Sirius.

In the Edgeworlds and Borderworlds, people have safety knowing that the eyes of The Core do not blink, is always vigilant and is merciless in pursuit of their goals.

At least, that is what people are lead to believe on the outside.

The Core have a callous disregard for life if it conflicts with their agenda. Outside the gaze of the houses, they are quick to disregard human rights and are cruel in the undertaking of their modus operandi. They pose as the defenders of humanity, when secretly it could be argued that they are the destroyers of it. Deep within Omicron Rho, APM conducts all sorts of unethical and immoral research and The Core are fierce in not only obtaining viable research materials for them (alive or otherwise), but making sure no one finds out. Only the higher ups of The Core truly know of inhumane evils that occur inside the darkest reaches of Omicron Rho.

Goals and Objectives

>Obtain, secure, control and develop (and ultimately sell) as much Alien Technology in the Edgeworlds as possible
The alien race known as the nomads - as well as the highly evolved artificial intelligence from Omicron Kappa - use technology of a kind Sirius has never seen before. If this devastating technology could be harnessed, it could revolutionize the weapons and ships market, something AP Manufacturing has a keen interest in. There many interested potential buyers of alien/advanced technology across Sirius (and even into Gallia). This is a new area of the market that APM must exploit before everyone else. Unfortunately, The Order don't believe this tech should be shared at all, and thus stand as an obstacle in the path of technological conquest.

>Extermination of any resistance met.
Anyone who stands in the way of, or halts the process of, conquest must be destroyed. It is futile to resist The Core. Those who oppose us will be met with death.

>Creation of a totalitarian Empire under total control of The Core within the Edgeworlds for The Core.
Our predecessors dreamed of establishing Core rule throughout the Edgeworlds. We have our laws, now we just need to enforce them. Those who oppose them or refuse to live under them will be treated as our enemies. We must expand our influence throughout the Omicrons and Omegas by clearing a path through our enemies and conquering systems.

[Image: C7vsSn4.png]

>An invasion of the rest of Sirius from our Empire in Eastern Sirius
One day, when our power finally surpasses that of the foolish houses, we will take our fleets and conquer them. We will instill our rule across all of Sirius, creating a vision of our true Empire with Sirius's denizens under our control. For now, we will use them to achieve our own goals and fulfill our own interests. Some day, it will be their undoing.


[Image: OZM9y9s.png]

The Bounty Hunters Guild Core originally rose as an elite group of Bounty Hunters working as an extension for The Bounty Hunters Guild within the Omicrons. For further information on The BHG Core, follow this link.

The year was 821 A.S. The Bounty Hunters Guild Council met for one final meeting.

The Bounty Hunters Guild Core had and was growing beyond the expectations of the Council. What had started as a group of Hunters taking elite bounty hunting contracts in the Omicrons against the Outcasts and the Corsairs, had evolved into something much more. Although the Battle Of Toledo was a setback, it was a true test of their mettle and presence in the Omicrons. They had inflicted a terrible blow against The Order and showed that they were a force to be reckoned with. Although they too had losses from the battle, it was a minor setback on the greater scope of their agenda. Worthwhile recruits were quickly drawn back in, either via recruitment or by shipments of undesirables coming from the houses, under the guise that the BHG Core were the 'Protectors of Humanity' - true Paladins of Sirius, trying to protect it from the hostile threats in the Edge Worlds and establish peace by pacifying the Omicrons.

Sadly, not every seat of the council boardroom was filled that day. The Guild had lost several Guildmasters, either via being MIA or being killed under mysterious circumstances. The BHG lacked their Guildmaster as did the BHG Core, several other council members were also not present. Even the Grand Guildmaster, head of the council, had disappeared without a trace. All that remained were several of his associates, elites from both sides of the Guild and APM.

The Council had always favoured the BHG Core above the standard Bounty Hunters Guild and was the organization that took in all the funds. Whereas the BHG Core were noble Paladins simply trying to eradicate evil in their conquest, the general image of the BHG was that they were petty criminals working for the Guild simply because they had no other option. They were dragged from their prisons and thrust into the Bounty Hunting profession as part of their reformation, however this often did not make them forget their previous criminal habits.

Such an image would not fit for the agenda which The Guild Council had in mind. It wouldn't draw in more well trained recruits, it wouldn't benefit their diplomacy and it wouldn't gather support for their cause. Upon discovering, claiming and harnessing the resource known as Iridium in Omicron Delta and on Planet Nauru, combined with their export of alien materials, artifacts, weapons and technology to interested buyers, the BHG was no longer necessary to support the BHG Core. Furthermore The Core had the support of APM, as well as sympathetic Zoners and Corporations to fuel their conquest in the Edge Worlds.

And so, initiating the next phase of the plan, the Guild Council split the Bounty Hunters Guild and the Bounty Hunters Guild Core. One of the associates was appointed the new head of the BHG Core, whilst a new Guildmaster for the Bounty Hunters Guild was randomly selected from the Hunters of the BHG. The BHG Core was renamed to just simply The Core, and became its own independent Paramilitary with the same goals as the previous Core.

The Core realised it would need more logistical, technological and research support which they could firmly control. Subsequently AP Manufacturing, the prime supplier of vessels and equipment to the Bounty Hunters Guild and The Core, was quickly absorbed by The Core. The CEO of APM was actually one of the last remaining associates of the Guild Council and considering Alabama Shipyard was inside Omicron Rho, the home of The Core, he had no problem handing over control of AP Manufacturing to The Core. What had once before simply relied on Core for protection and would support them in their endeavours, was now fully integrated with the PMC. PMC and Corporation became one. AP Manufacturing R&D divisions became filled with Core personnel, APM would now benefit from the research conducted by Core scientists and Core would now benefit from the technological wizardry performed by APM. The Guildmaster of The Core also became the CEO of AP Manufacturing, similar to when the Grand Guildmaster became the CEO of APM, allowing him to oversee the operations of both.

This of course did not change AP Manufacturing's current Modus Operandi. The Bounty Hunters Guild had been split from The Core, but of course it could not be forgotten as it still did a service to the houses. AP Manufacturing still continued to make vessels for them, being the prime supplier of vessels to the BHG and Core. AP Manufacturing also continued to sell vessels to the Law Enforcement market, as well as for security purposes by corporations. The funds from this would go on to benefit both APM and The Core in order to help them achieve their goals.

The rumour mill in Omicron Rho continues to spin that The Core and APM are jointly conducting highly classified experiments. Rumour has it that such experiments may be possibly unethical and immoral ones into genetic modifications and other taboo practices that go past the boundary that normal scientists and researchers would not dare to take, all for the sake of being able to empower The Core further or to find the next big hit on the military market. Such rumours however are quickly discredited, as they are often the result of 'baseless' propaganda by their enemies such as The Order as a means to discredit the faction’s reputation. Few outsiders know what truly happens deep within the remote system of Omicron Rho

Finally, after the lengthy reformation process, The Core and APM were born anew. They would continue their agenda as 'Protectors Of Humanity' in the Edge Worlds, whilst also seeking conquest and to ultimately build an Empire in the Eastern part of Sirius. Today, The Core are a dominant force in the Omegas and Omicrons, shining as a beacon of hope to allies and civilians, whilst being a fearsome opponent to their enemies. AP Manufacturing functions as one of the best suppliers of military vessels to the ship and equipment market.

The year is 822 A.S. The Core High Command assembles for another monthly meeting...

Zone of Influence

Primary: Edgeworlds:
The wars with The Order, the Corsairs, the Nomads, the AI as well as any other faction in the Edgeworlds is fought in those systems. Each faction involved fights for supremacy.

Secondary: Borderworlds:
The Core doesn't often visit these systems. If they do, it's to assist Bretonian Lawfuls or Rheinland Lawfuls against crimminals.

Tertiary: House Space:
Covert operations by The Core are carried out in the houses. They pose as heroes, when secretly they are spying, trying to secure alien technology and hunting The Order.

Ranking Structure

High Command
Guildmaster (1ic) - 1
The Guildmaster is the leader of The Core. Their strength is omnipotent and their command is transcendent. They are the rightful Edge Worlds sovereign who will lead The Core in it's conquest to revolutionize the Edge Worlds by wiping out all hostile entities as well as retrieving and creating new technologies to benefit mankind. They are so highly internally revered that one could compare them to a God or Superhuman within The Core. Of course, really they are just as human as anyone else within Core - or so it may seem.

Guildkeepers are second only to the Guildmaster. They are the Guildmasters own personal elites - warriors who have proven themselves by being fearsome combatants as well as dedicated to fuelling the conquest of The Core. They are regarded as heroes and are treated with immense respect. With their rank they are expected to assist the Guildmaster in directing The Core on it's conquest, as such they have the high access and clearance to all of Core's operations and undertakings.

Mid Command
Paladins are the champions of The Core, warriors who have proven themselves as skilled fighters and capable leaders. They are expected to provide leadership and combat prowess when on the battlefield and boost the morale of their comrades, whilst sending fear into the hearts of their enemies with their might.

Templars are highly trained elites of The Core. They're proficient in combat, tactics and completing their objectives. As such, they have been recognized by Core command and are praised for their efforts.

Low Command
Knights are Guardians who have proven their worth to The Core. They are treated with slightly more respect, but are generally only a little more useful than Guardians are.

Guardians are the initiate rank of The Core, they provide the main fighting force within The Core's armies, and are expected to be loyal and obedient, and to lay down their lives when commanded.


AP Manufacturing: +1
Bretonian Armed Forces: 0.8
Liberty Navy: 0.8
Buro der Marineintelligenz: 0.8
Rheinland Military: 0.8
Bounty Hunters: 0.8
Temporary Autonomous Zoners: 0.7
Kempeitai: 0.7

Other House Law Enforcement: 0.4

Zoners: 0
Sirian Corporations: 0
Junkers Congress: 0
Junker Marauders: 0

Gallic Corporations: -0.1
Gallic Law Enforcement: -0.1
Junkers: -0.3

Criminals: -0.7
Blood Dragons: -0.8
Reapers Of Sirius: -0.8
Corsairs: -0.9
Outcasts: -0.9
Artificial Intelligence: -0.9
The SCRA: -0.9
Red Hessians: -0.9
Nomads: -1
Infested Forces: -1
The Order: -1

The Core are generally willing to work with anyone, provided they don't get in their way.


The Core primarily uses the ships and equipment produced by AP Manufacturing as described in their catalog.

The Core also makes use of technology granted by other factions, such as Libertonian Lawful, Bretonian Lawful and Rheinland Lawful equipment.

Finally, The Core makes use of Borderworlds and Civilian (including house) ships and weaponry.

//For a more in depth look, here is the Tech Chart. Look for our entry.

The above are restricted as specified by the ranks.


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If you wish to join the unstoppable force that is The Core, then look here

Do note, Core has some special guidelines on it's gameplay and roleplay. Check the recruitment link for more details.

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