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Full Version: The Faceless One
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Shard - "The Faceless One"

[Image: 637d1464a12856e33746ad0a290dafa4_zpssigjgjwv.jpg]
I am alone
My kind are destroyed
By a force I can not fathom
The few that fled with me
Perished, or lost to the stars

Alone I suffer
There is hope no longer
But my time has not yet come
One last stab in the dark
Before my light is gone
(approximate terran translation)

Name - Shard
Gender - Unknown
Age - 2600 terran "years" (approximate conversion)
Height (including suit) - 5'8.
Weight (including suit) - 172 lbs.
Race - Etherium, Elder caste

Shard is (he believes) the last surviving member of the Etherium race turned edgeworlds assassin, having betrayed his kind in an exodus of the Etherium home star systems to capitulate but simultaniously sentence many millions of his race to death. The few survivors of that exodus settled briefly in Omicron Lost, before being forced to relinquish their new makeshift settlement among the ruins orbiting Moros and flee into the unknown of Sirius Sector at the hands of its primary inhabitants - Humans.

Shard's exile allowed him to escape with the few relics of his race, as well as some human technology. Hidden in the cavern systems on Moros's surface he fled with the small adapted human gunship. Shard spent his time aboard the RV-Roamer setting to work crafting a suit, surgically altering himself to incorporate with the technology in the fashion of his race, in order to give off a humanoid appearance, as well as learning their languages using what he had learned from the now defunct and perished Prion experiments.

Further adaptions to the suit included replicating human biometrics, a pulse and heat signature in line with their usual healthy ranges. Such a suit would normally be heavily armored and weaponised, however much of that space had been used to replicate the human condition, including a pump, synthetic blood conduits and thermal nodes, while incorporating the needs for his survival - a continuous supply of "cracked" iridium gas for his silicone form to process. As the primary function of the suit is deception and not combat, it does not provide much enhancement above what the average human male in armor can muster, however it does allow total concealment of his non-human condition.

[Image: 02c0b407-5522-4205-ad51-d960d3ee2114_zpso8mnj2qt.png]

Forced to awaken now, the reserves of this precious material all but gone, Shard ends his exile of Sirius evolved, his previous shunning of human ways eclipsed by the desire of base survival and is forced to leave the seclusion of Planet Moros. With nothing left to lose, and any chances of rebuilding his Empire shattered, and resigned to the extinction of his race, Shard is more prone to taking risks - another trait he has adopted from the short-lived human race. This has led to his integration of the human economy, the need to scavenge less appealing than the concept of killing humans for financial gain. Shard now survives skipping from Freeport to Freeport as a hired killer taking any bounties in the edgeworlds that appeal to him.