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Full Version: Development Notice: Mining Update
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Mining Update

Current update notes

New commodities!
- Implemented Azurite Ore! Mineable in the Omicron Delta edge nebula, within the strange reactor structure.
- Implemented Iridium Ore! Mineable in Omicron Lost in the far east of the system, close to the large asteroid chunk.
- Implemented Xeno Relics! Mineable in Omicron Gamma in the Malvada cloud, southeast of the Omicron Kappa jumphole!
Check the updated maps in the spoiler tags for more detailed information, prices and eligible factions/bonuses.

Changed routes
- All routes have been recalculated according to new system edits. Very small impact (|x|<50 ) for the majority of routes.

New/changed bonuses
For a full view of all available bonuses, visit the "Bonus Rates" tab below.

Azurite Gas:
3x - Order, Core, AI, PRIME|
4x - IRG|, Order|, Core|

Xeno Relics:
2x - Outcast
3x - Corsairs
4x - [TBH]

Iridium Ore:
3x - Order, Core, Zoners, AI, OSI-, IRG|, PRIME|
4x - Order|, Core|

Niobium Ore:
2x - Outcast (experimental)

- Possibly changing Xeno Relics mining location to Omicron Xi. Still debating pros and cons and talking with faction leaders.

Below is the raw prices configuration file. The syntax is "MarketGood = <internal base nickname>, <commodity nickname>, <price>, 1"
Below that is the raw minecontrol configuration file. The syntax is "<commodity nickname>, <bonus factor>, <IFF nickname>, <ID nickname>, <equipment nickname>"
The internal nicknames are listed above the segment as a commentary in the order they are occuring in. The commodity nickname should be easy enough to figure out.

Raw prices.cfg
Raw minecontrol.cfg

Full list of prices and sources (no guarantee that this is accurate, the raw prices.cfg however is)

Thanks for this. It might make powertrading harder once again, also smuggling isn't trash like this.

edit: although yes, new prices are a little too low
Section 3 are additonal mining points or Okinawa no longer provides He-3, just to avoid confusion?

Introducting such prices right would require serious revision onto mining. Perhaps issue part of transports able to mine AND ship ores? The catch would be, no transports bigger than 2800-3000 cargo would be able to do that job. For example, Bumblebee or Mammoth would join Kamome.

Or, we are simply introducing Kamome-like (small, underpowered and sleek) replacement/alternative for Hegemon?
The Specifics cover all available mining locations. Okinawa still provides Helium-3, but players will only be able to gather it in Sigma-13. The same goes for other fields and other ores.

The Hegemon is already able to solo-mine at good efficiency, but only able to carry 2750 units of ore maximum. For anything else, mining should be cooperative action, hence why the route duration accounts for mining time twice. Having more ships like the Hegemon is something I'll consider for the future.
Understanable. I see Hegemon as a proper in-lore mining ship, but it is a true horror to lead it through asteroid fields. Meanwhile, Kamome would have no such difficulty, being same-cargo vessel but not a humongous monstrosity.
This should be in server announcements to make it more visible, because it is heavily affecting one of the pillars of gameplay.

(01-04-2016, 11:35 AM)LordVipex Wrote: [ -> ]The Specifics cover all available mining locations. Okinawa still provides Helium-3, but players will only be able to gather it in Sigma-13. The same goes for other fields and other ores.
Unless you meant that helium-3 can be bought on NPC bases in Okinawa, it would be better to simply say that mining locations in Okinawa are disabled from now. Fact that some mining field exist only inRP won´t fill anyone´s cargo hold there.

But main question - will developers/admins allow relocations of some (mainly ore trading) POBs due to these changes? For example there are two helium-3 trading bases in Okinawa which will heavily suffer from lack of interest when all mining fields of helium-3 were relocated to Sigma-13. Especially ours Shuri Base because miners will not waste time on travelling so far into Okinawa and empty base means no traders as well.
Okay so economy is ruined. Selling miners, saving every single credit from now one. ;~;

t. not_even_powertrader
As I seriously doubt you will listen to any legitimate criticism, I'll just say this.

These changes are very poorly thought out, exactly like I'd expect of you. One day, you will hopefully leave the devteam and progress can happen once again.
I like the idea behind it, mining has required this kind of change for a while, maybe there finally will be some more smugglers.
so mining has been nerfed, who thought this rubbish up!!!

that might make miners not log now, as theres not much "extra" in it for the time to sit and wait in a field "for their turn to be filled"

as the time taken v distance v profit isn't that much better than normal commodities, profits have now gone down (but i bet the piracy "gimme #### or die" wont)

so some miners wont bother mining

the idea of an ore price being a big price was to keep the miners well...mining, this inturn would make pirates log more, its the cirlce of life in disco

youve just bit the hands that feed you

good job!!
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