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Full Version: Ageira Innovations - Mission Board
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This is a board listing all available missions and assignments to further Ageira Innovation by challenging our employees. Personal improvement will always lead to benefit whole collective, therefore these tasks are designed to add to your experience at our amazing corporation while challenging you to find creative ways to solve unconventional missions.

Regular Missions

Regular missions are tailored to challenge employees of Ageira Innovations. Each completed missions is rewarded with 25.000.000 SC. Submit your reports to our Flight Logs and include all required evidence to validate your involvement.

AbsolutionReceive an apology from someone who has harmed you in the past.
AdministrationNotice and sort out irregularity within our corporation.
AgitationIncite hostile targets to engage each other.
AllegationForward solid incriminating evidence about non-friendly target.
AnnihilationCompletely dominate hostile target in combat.
CommunicationApproach an organisation we have not had contact with for a while.
CompassionParticipate in organised relief operation.
CondemnationPublicly respond and denounce criminal propaganda.
ConfiscationRepossess batch of our Ageira White Boxes from unauthorized vessels.
ConscriptionRecruit someone into our corporation.
ConstructionParticipate in building our installations.
CooperationParticipate in convoy with at least 3 corporate ships.
Copy-ProtectionConfiscate batch of Counterfeit Software.
CreationBrainstorm a new mission.
CriminalizationReport dubious activity to local criminal registry.
CustomizationPimp your ship.
DeceptionLie your way through to avoid negative consequences.
DecryptionSuccessfully decode an encrypted message.
DedicationAccumulate 25 hours of activity during previous three months.
DeescalationSuccessfully break off a conflict between two targets who are at least neutral to you.
DelegationOutsource some of your work to independent contractor.
DepletionImport or escort 10 shipments of ore.
DeportationEscort foreign criminal out of Liberty.
DiscretionRecord evidence of our allies breaking the law.
DissertationPublish a scientific article.
ExtortionCommit piracy act against Gallic corporate transport.
ExtractionSample new fields for valuable ore.
GravitationForce hostile target to collide with solar body.
HumiliationSuccessfully evade or terminate hostile pirate.
IndustrializationImport or escort 10 shipments of Industrial Materials to our stations.
InterrogationInterrogate hostile target.
IntimidationTalk someone out of harming you.
JurisdictionAssist lawful forces outside their house.
LegislationParticipate in changing law to benefit Ageira.
MilitarizationExport or escort 10 shipments of Military Vehicles.
MotivationTalk inactive member into joining our convoy.
MunicipalizationReceive assets for Ageira Innovations.
NegotiationScore a contract to sell any of our products.
NeuralizationExport or escort 10 shipments of Bio-Neural Processors.
NotarizationParticipate in getting favourable law change towards Ageira.
NuclearizationImport or escort 10 shipments of Nuclear Devices to our stations.
ObsessionEvade or terminate 10 targets of same affiliation.
ObstructionDestroy target that is interrupting lawful forces.
ParticipationSuccessfully participate in large scale event.
PersonalizationSubmit your portrait and receive transmission header.
ProtectionAssist our allies against hostile target.
RenovationParticipate in event to repairing our installation.
ReparationReceive compensation for harm done to you.
ReputationReceive your ID and get ideal reputation.
RestorationProvide repair services to our allies or friendlies.
RobotizationImport or escort 10 shipments of Robotics to our stations.
RotationPerform cool rotation while inside Trade Lane.
SatisfactionReceive positive feedback about our products or services.
SophisticationExplain to a bystander how our technology is beneficial to humanity.
SubmissionForce your hostile target to surrender.
SuggestionProvide implementable improvement for our faction.
SuperconductionExport or escort 10 shipments of Superconductors
SuperstitionConvince corporate transport that Jump Holes are dangerous.
TeleportationUsing Jump Drive, save friendlies from harm.
TerminationDestroy target from our bounty board.
TriangulationLocate unknown modular station.
UnificationConvince unfriendly target to fight for your cause.
WeaponizationExport or escort 10 shipments of Light Arms.

Special Assignments

Each finished assignment rewarded with 250.000.000 SC. Submit your reports to our Flight Logs and include all required evidence to validate your involvement.

Special Assignment #000-001 Innovation
Ageira Innovations stands for undisputed leadership in cutting edge technology. As pioneers we are required to provide humanity with advanced technology. Therefore employees are invited to involve themselves into creating new products or enhancing existing ones to put us further down the path of breaking current technological boundaries.

Special Assignment #000-002 Organization
As biggest and most influential corporation in Sirius we have to lead by example and always stay ahead of our competitors. As such, major contracts that amaze whole Sirius and showcase our professional conduct are required to remind the public why we are Number 1. We invite you to participate in organizing an official event that involves Ageira Innovations.

Special Assignment #000-003 Perkization
While our corporation offers variety of services to client all around Sirius, we have to take care of ourselves first. Improving our corporation is always priority whether it is in the field of public image or product distribution. It is of paramount importance to enhance our own assets in order to showcase our own dedication to innovation. Thus we are inviting our employees to participate in gaining perks for Ageira Innovations.

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