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Full Version: The search tool - my 3 letter problem
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I've been getting this problem a lot but pretty much now it has been to the point that I am getting fed up.
The search tool on forums has always been spike in my side and searching for things for me takes a bit of time.

To put this shortly, I have tried just now to search for "Nox" on forums to find any information on anyone else that has written anything about it.

But "nox" is a 3 letter word and that is unable to be searched for.

This 3 letter word thing is very annoying especially when searching for factions that have 3 letters in their tag as another example.
That at least can be gone around, but how can you get around searching a commodity that has 3 letters in it's name?
Google: nox

I found google to be better for just searching something small.
Thanks this helps.
Nice tip, thanks.