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Full Version: Posting Large Images
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As long as we're checking everyones signature sizes lately, it's time again to talk about the size limits when posting various images.

When you post a pic anywhere here on the forums, (especially screenshots) please take the time to resize it when needed before uploading. It's quick, it's easy, & just about everyone on the planet with a computer has an included image editor built into their OS, so there really is no reason beyond basic laziness not to do it.

This size (700x525) is the ultimate gold standard to shoot for:
[Image: Reccomended700x525.jpg]

Anything smaller is perfectly peachy as well, but anything bigger we would really, really prefer that it be linked or thumbnailed instead of [img]'ed

Y'alls solidarity on this matter is both expected & appreciated.:cool:

[Image: CaptainChaosApproved.jpg]
I do this and it works pretty well.

If I want to post a full sized picture I make a scaled down image and then link that image to the
full sized one on photobucket.

the code looks something like this:



[Image: Lost1small.png]

I hope that helps.

Note: the moderators will NOT be doing this for you, it's just something I think will help.
Any oversized images will be turned into links or deleted.

Edit: Yes, I know, it's a tad tall.
Quite honestly this is not a hard rule to follow, if you think it'll be wider then 700px, link it. As it is now I am de-imaging large pictures in a way that leaves them not an image and not a link. This is because it serves as both a public reminder (which seems to not be getting through) and it's much easier on my sanity, and I have precious little enough of that as it is.

Soon though, repeat offenders of this rule will find the whole image and link gone (which is easier still for me).

This is not a nice post, this is a "im going to go get the paddle if you don't behave" thread. As you can see, posting large images is getting on my nerves a tad.

As my dad used to say "i still love you, but if you don't shape up I'm going to make it painful for you to sit down for a week."

Bump. Linking is your friend.
Use a program to resize your images like Irfan View or upload them on photobucket. Photobucket offers you the option of Thumbnails or you can even resize the picture there.
All excuses "I did not know how to resize pictures" are void from this day on.

Quote:7. Embedded pictures must not exceed 700 px wide. Pictures that are too wide can be removed without notice.

Please stick to it. Also read Signature length, 250px by 700px and no more please
There you encounter:
Agmen of Eladesor Wrote:Any image or animated file in either a signature or avatar is limited to a file size of 1MB. This is to help with downloading and forum access issues for those members who are not on high-speed.
This also applies for animated files in posts or topics.


There appears to have been a resurgence in embedded oversize images recently. Please don't be that person! There are multiple quick and easy options available to display reasonably sized pictures for an enjoyable forum experience.

1) Resize the image using the BBCode. Width should be no larger than 700 px, and height no larger than 500 px.
[img=WIDTHxHEIGHT]<image url>[/img]

2) Resize the image before uploading, using an editing tool such as Paint.NET.

3) The hosting website may have tools to resize the image. For example, Imgur has a basic editing tool when uploading a picture.

4) Link to the picture instead of embedding it.
[url=<image url>]<text>[/url]

Thank you for considering your fellow forum members.
This seems to have resurfaced once more, so let's stop this while we're ahead. Please refer to the above suggestions, particularly 's width x height method. Continued offenders may receive painful wrist slaps.

Thank you for your support.
Added recently: [sigimg] and [imgw] tags. imgw restricts width automatically, sigimg also does height. Make sure your URL ends in jpg/png/gif/jpeg and nothing extra. Imgur is a good host (alternatives are available).

I still recommend people downscale images with large filesize.