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Full Version: Just a friendly reminder to who ever is the forum dev
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That the rules link should be in admin rainbow-text green and in the actual top quickbar, not somewhere in the dropdowns.
And not the fourth option down on the dropdown.
switch Rules and server events.

put server events in the drop down and rules in the main bar
We have a forum dev?

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(05-16-2016, 01:56 PM)Protégé Wrote: [ -> ]We have a forum dev?

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No we don't have forum devs. We have mods.

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I think the whole Tapatalk thing is automatic and he can't control it.

Also a friendly reminder this isn't flood.
I guess it isn't rainbowcolored but at least at the right place.

And you can turn the tapatalk signature off in the tapatalk settings.

Topic over if there is nothing else to say.

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Mods are very different from forum devs in that they don't have access to the admin control panel.

Also the Tapatalk sig is funny enough to leave it.

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