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Full Version: Citizens of Liberty
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Do you love Liberty. Do you love Freedom.

Does Liberty love you back. Does Freedom love you back.

You are a Citizen of Liberty, struggling to make a living, trying to get food on your plate, to sustain your family. How is it so hard to get by when Liberty seems to get by just fine? You, your friends, your family, working unbelievable hours for your next bigger holovision, your next bigger supercomputer, your next fix. You are bombarded left and right with subliminal messages of what your life should be, of how big your home should be, of how big your ship should be. Of how small your wallet and bank account should be.

Yet, are you satisfied? Is this what you wanted it all to be? Is this what you want your family to grow up into? A Corporate Utopia where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer with the promise of big and fancy things to impress your neighbor?

Liberty is run by a puppet government under an absolute and complete Corporate Oligarchy, do not fall into their lies. The top brass are only looking out for their own pockets with little care for the average man. The corporations have their hands everywhere. The military is corrupt with infighting. The government is powerless. We know the truth. We have seen it and we fight actively against it. You are not alone, you might not hear of us or know of us but we hear you clearly. And we are here for you.

Liberty is hiding you the truth, covering up everything. Remember the incident of Texas in 500 A.S? If we do not act, life will complete it's cycle. They do not learn from their mistakes but we will. We will take care of our home.

It is time to take up arms free citizens of Liberty. We are helping you, now it is time for you to help us. Do what you can to take down this Corporate Oligarchy and Puppet Government and give the power back to their rightful owner. You. The average man. The citizen of Liberty.

Hack into their databases, leak sensitive documents, find dirt on any grimy bastards that you can find. We will not let these scumbags get their way with us. We have to take back what's ours.

Together, we can and will make Liberty our home again, a place where the people roams free, a place where corporations can't control our lives, a place where we can be free and proud to raise our childrens to follow into the next generation.

A place where we can have the Liberty to Dream.
==Incoming Transmission==
ID: Alky Ltd.: Klaus Gerhardt (Freelancer IFF Verified by sysadmin)
Date: September 10th, 823 A.S.
Location: Pennsylvania System
Encryption: I think so
Subject: Re: spyglass network super hack oh no!!!!!

"Whoa, okay. How did this get into my inbox?...Yeah, right; very impressive Lane Hackers, you forced your way through every filter on Liberty public mail - seriously, fantastic. Even a toddler could do it."

(Klaus rubs his eyes for a second with his right hand, holding the tip of his nose for another one before briefly clearing his throat)

"I'm really not convinced. I ship drinks to various locations around the sector and you revolutionary groups are all the same: all flash, no substance (unless you count murder), attack literally everyone who isn't your ally despite propaganda suggesting otherwise. Most of you, in your freetime, just gloat on how you blew up that idiot trader really deep into an Asteroid Field, where he can't move worth a schnitzel."

"How am I, a freelancer, supposed to trust an organization like that to overthrow an entangled, corrupt mess of a web that is the current Sirius alliance, let alone take control should they unlikely win?"

==Transmission Suspended==
[Image: 24vr8kk.png]
Attention, Lane Hackers

I'm Wreckter, of the Auxilia Coalition, a growing group of adventurers.
Do you want our cooperation? We will move if you will make a contract with ours!
We are few but I'm already calling all independent mercenaries for join us and I hope that we will be more in future...

Long live to people of Sirius.


*Incoming text message*
Source: Public Terminal, Manhattan, New York

Hey there Lane Hackers,

I would like to answer your questions.

Yet, are you satisfied? - NO! I am not satisfied because criminals like you threaten the lives of civilians who are just trying to get by with their daily life. And I experienced it first hand, that you Lane Hackers, DO NOT CARE about the free citizens of Liberty. You rob every single transport that you can catch.

Is this what you wanted it all to be? - NO! What I want is you and all your criminals buddies GONE, FOREVER!

Is this what you want your family to grow up into? A Corporate Utopia where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer with the promise of big and fancy things to impress your neighbor? - And where Lane Hackers steal from the poor, Or destroy corporate assets and murder innocent people in the process.

"Together, we can and will make Liberty our home again, a place where the people roams free, a place where corporations can't control our lives, a place where we can be free and proud to raise our childrens to follow into the next generation." - That is all bs. If you already forcefully taking money from the poor and defenseless citizens of Liberty, then how would anyone believe that you will not do the same If you get in charge?!

A free citizen of Liberty,

*Message ends*
[Image: 2aYaEOq.png]

[Image: VV07fBl.png]
Origin: Public Terminal, Planet Manhattan, New York | RESOLVING... | VERIFIED |
Sender: Guildmaster John "Mephistoles" Marshall | RESOLVING... | VERIFIED |
Data Input: Text Only, No Attachments
Recipient: "Citizens of Liberty"
Subject: Yawn

This is almost as weak as the average Hacker's combat skills.

I will space you all. Have fun.


[Image: mnGWY6l.png]
[Image: aynkJdC.gif]
Pump your brakes, kiddo.

If you are about to sprout the same goddamn nonsense that we are forced to listen to in the New York system every time one of those "Freedom Radio"s go off, at least be consistent in the bull that you are trying to feed us.

You know why life is hard? Do you know what makes us ask those questions that you just pointed out? Because life is life and nobody is going to give what you desire on a silver plate. Nobody is required to make sure you have the same access to resources as your neighbor. Kid, look around you and face the truth. Nobody is against you. People are for themselves. And that includes everyone, both the big-wigs that you are grumbling at as well as the people in the slums that you are idealizing right now.

And so in the end, you are calling the average Libertonian to rise up against the establishment? You, who is currently transmitting this message from the safety of your smelly little rock somewhere in the fields? You are asking these people to take up arms and put their families at risk, just so that you, having already burned those bridges, sit back and watch the fireworks? You are disgusting.

In the end, I am pretty sure that you'd secretly wish that you were in our place, enjoying a nice apartment in a mid-district. Getting a nice pay and not have to worry about if boarding your ship that day will end up you not coming back. Or if that anti-rad medicine shipment is successfully robbed.

In the end, you are just a space-hobo with a neural net connection. Don't try to put yourself above the people of Liberty just because you made some poor choices in life.

Actually, do. Your continued operations in Liberty is putting food on my plate and giving something for people to laugh at on FailNation over the Neuraltube.


Establishing Connection...
Connection Unsecured.

From: Jeremy "Balados" Johanssen
Affiliation: Ageira Independent Contractor
Location: Somewhere in Bretonia

To: Lane Hackers
Subject: Really Lane hackers, really?

╞═╧═╪═╤═╡Encryption Level ◄ ▒ ▒ ▒ ▒ ► ╒═══╪═╧═╡

Hahaha! There's my weekly junkmail.

No, but in all seriousness. You take yourselves as revolutionaries. And maybe one day you will be. But for now, you're just thugs. Case in point, about a month ago I was transporting synth paste, when a group of your people disabled the trade lanes. They wanted my money, my cargo, or my life; I gave them my cargo. If you really cared about civilians, you'd take care of us, not steal from us.

Come back when you start supporting the little guys, not just yourselves.

Cheers you ugly bastards.

Connection Terminated