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Full Version: To:Gas Mineros| lejima Station
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From: Litle Juanito
To: Gass Mineros Demonios
Subject: lejima Station

Hola amigos... This is captain Juanito from the imperio of the corsairos. Your recently constructed station Iejima is right on the middle of our artifact trading route... Unfortunately flying around it is increasing our fuel spending and other additional costs which is reducing our profits. And that's something we can not alowe to continue.
So the grande imperio of the Corsairs made a decision to dismantle your instalation.
Don't take this personal but bussines is bussines...

[Image: hFhkG9M.png]

Esteemed Corsairs,

Blow it out your culo.


Tal Ravis, 2nd Interceptor Group, "Dealers in Death"