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Full Version: To: The Orange Alliance
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[Image: cristinanctb.png]

COMM-ID: Cristina Martelli
TARGET-ID: The Orange Alliance, Maltese comm node


I bid you good day,

Today I come to you with information and a request for your aid. A group of traitors took away with some of our ships and with a highly encrypted and unique database.

These people are under command of Rosa Veraz who was before in charge of the CID, our intelligence service.

We declared these people enemy of the Nation of Malta and we set money on the heads of every of these Exiles.

I request that you do not lend these people any assistance. Please also inform me of any sightings.

And should you be able to retrieve any equipment or data you will be decently rewarded.

I hereby want to speak out the invitation again to register your organisation on our networks for bounties and other tasks requiring a quick thinker.

We both can only profit from this.

Until then.

Cristina Martelli
President of the National Council of Malta


[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Ms Martelli,

These are worrying news. We will keep an eye out for the exiled Maltese should they ever decide to visit Liberty. Thank you for bringing this matter into our attention.
[Image: HHLpytK.png]

Transmission resent

SENDER: Savannah Maya, The Golden Chrysanthemums
RECIPIENT: Cristina Martelli, The National Council

[Image: AvlphP1.png]

Hola Cristina. Well, you know me a little, as for the rest, it's not expected from newcomers.

So, it seems another group who rose to power and considers themselves an authority is less that than it thinks. Unsurprising given how actually Outcast society and its military works. Oh, I know it well.

Now, those who disagree with you are considered defectors. Especially if they have something important to say, si? Mildly speaking, what has happened on Malta over the last few years is a matter of concern to me, yet I prefer to not involve myself in that. For now.

We have always been mutually dependent business partners, and we appreciate your warning and recommendations. We will keep an eye and ear on MaEx, what they will be doing and what they have to say.

[Image: savannahmaya17.png]