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"In solidarity, we rise as one"
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The Unioners (See also: Reichsarbeitergesellschaft der Alster)

Unioners are focused towards:

- Tech and Engineering Roleplay. Usually working class. At most, higher-educated.

- Mafia-style underworld Roleplay.

- Traditional, Hegellian popular advocacy. Pro-workers and citizen's rights.

-Insurgency roleplay against abusive corporations. Covert assistance to benign corporations.

- Strong sense of brotherhood, defiant towards authority.

- An old movement. Highly diverse ideologically.

- Punk and cyberpunk aesthetics.

- The Sympathetic left wing alternative to the Coalition and Red Hessians.

The Unioners are a paramilitary group formed from dispossed Republican Shipping workers. They wish to encourage Rheinland, and Sirius at large, to embrace labour advocacy and popular advancement as a progressive syndicalist labour market. Simultaneously, the Unioners seek to preserve the swashbuckling lives of individual freedom and unregulated space occupancy to which they have grown accustomed, crafting an under-society of vehemently territorial tribal humanists, bound to no flag except that of the self. Only through unity as a people, can we end this endless strife that has oppressed Sirius since the end of the Eighty Years War. For the betterment of all Rheinlanders, we subvert the oligarchies, the monopolies, through the untracable distribution of wealth and labour, from underworld production of space-frames for the defence of independents, to counter-culture of the black market. Though some call us terrorists, they speak only of the darkness in their own souls. You, brother arbeiter, must lend your support to our cause. Why let the man hammer you down, when you can lift the hammer against him?

Oligarchs, internationalists, they promised Rheinland's Economic freedom in one hand whilst stealing our coin in the other. They, who would destroy our honoured traditions of common-advocacy and freedom of thought, handing our way of life over to their corporate masters to hold as barter. They would sell us our lives, our right to live if they could. You have seen the truth, it is not 'Freedom' it is Fascism, Oligarchy. And then, these 'Outsiders' they seek not only to destroy our civilization, but our very humanity.

For too long have we stood idly and allowed this infestation to spread. For too long have our friends, homes, even our children fallen sway to their powers. But no more. Today we stand united, today we take up arms and fight, and we will show them what they have feared all along. The Unioners will not stop. The Unioners will not surrender. We will fight, and bleed, and die until our pockets are fat, our people free, and our ships glisten under the light of a Hamburg dawn.

The LWB (See also: Landwirtrechtbewegung)

LWB are focused towards:

- Land rights are a critical issue. Can be former aristocrats.

- A beaten movement. Hungry for revenge.

- Mafia-style underworld Roleplay.

- A young movement. Highly focused.

- Terrorist and pirate roleplay against international and planet-scaping corporations.

- Economic Syndicalist and anarchist roleplays.

- Dieselpunk, atompunk, and cyberpunk aesthetics.

The LWB are a individualistic cabal of exiled Stuttgart smallholders, land owners, ecologists and populists, who have a bitter guerilla campaign for the last forty years against the Synth Foods occupation of the garden-world of Stuttgart and their systematic destruction of both the livelihoods of the planet's residents, and its significant biosphere. With Stuttgart successfully colonised Synth Foods and the planet's ecology approaching the point of no return, the Landwirtrechtbewegung has pledged their spacecraft and agricultural knowledge to the creation of a new, agrarian society amongst the stars, free from the cloying corporatism of old world. No longer must the very bread be taken from our mouths - no longer will the lives of billions be controlled by a corporate balance, in a foreign boardroom. We have watched our fields burn and our brothers lie broken - but this is history. In the now, we fight for a world where man's connection to the universe is not defined by not in the extinction of the alien and the end of the colonial dream of soil and solidarity. Instead, we stand against the judgement of the monopolists. We fight, not just for what we have lost, but for those we stand to free..

Join today to fight for tomorrow

[size=x-large][font=Gill Sans MT][color=#006400]Recruitment form[/font][/size][/color]
[hrc]#BF0000[/hrc] [size=medium][color=grey][font=Trebuchet MS][pi amount=3]

[b]Name:[/b] -Enter Here-
[b]Date of Birth (Age):[/b] -Enter Here-
[b]Place of Birth:[/b] -Enter Here-
[b]Gender:[/b] -Enter Here-
[b]Previous occupation(s):[/b] -Enter Here-
[b]Are you already a member of the Syndicliga, LWB, or Unioners?:[/b] -Enter Here-

[b]Short Biography:[/b] -Enter Here-

[b]Why do you want join us:[/b] -Enter Here-    

[b]Why were the Unions outlawed?:[/b] -Enter Here-

[b]Why were the LWB outlawed?:[/b] -Enter Here-

[b]Describe, in your own words, our attitude to life:[/b] -Enter Here-

[b]You’re the captain of an artefacts transport. Your escort and your convoy mate is engaged. Do you wait for your escort, assist them in battle, or proceed according to route? :[/b] -Enter Here-

[b]You’re the captain of a strike cruiser. There’s a fight occurring between the Hessians and the Rheinland military, which the Hessians are winning. You can wait for the Hessians to win, help the Hessians or help the Rheinland lawful. Which do you do?[/b] -Enter Here-

[size=x-large][font=Gill Sans MT][color=#006400]Oorp Section[/font][/size][/color]
[hrc]#BF0000[/hrc] [pi amount=3]

[b]Discovery experience:[/b] How long have you been around? Do you have been sanctioned , if yes please post the links in here ?
[b]Are you willing to partake in all forms of Unioner activity, including smuggling, piracy, fleet action and research excursions?
[b]Do you enjoy text based role-play?:[/b] -Enter Here-
[b]Do you agree to maintain a non-adversarial attitude to other players?:[/b] -Enter Here-
[b]You do you agree to accept the RP consequences of the character’s actions?:[/b] -Enter Here-
[b]Can you dedicated a minimum of two hours a week to the faction, be it in game, on forum, or elsewhere? (with obvious exceptions for IRL issues):[/b] -Enter Here-
[b Do you guarantee that you will show a reasonable level of independence as a Syndic? That you will log and play independently and involve yourself in the Syndic community?:[/b] -Enter Here-
[b]S.K.Y.P.E (optional).:[/b] - Enter here -
[b]DISCORD (mandatory).:[/b] - Enter here -

[b]Any other contact details wish to give (optional):[/b] - Enter here -


[Image: iaJxfqL.png?1]

All Unioner recruits will be equipped with a Arbeiter space superiority fighter and load-out opportunities befitting the essential ideology of Syndicalism.

[Image: 5CmVq1H.png?1]

All Landwirtrechbewegung recruits will be equipped with a Sichel space superiority fighter and load-out opportunities befitting the essential ideology of Agrarian Populism.

//Remember, this is a roleplay intensive unlawful faction with a heavy emphasis on personal character stories and roleplay development, good gameplay, PVP, smuggling. Do not send an app if you are not interested in playing the role.

Recruitment form

Name: Liese Schreier
Date of Birth (Age): February 9th, 794 A.S. (29 years old)
Place of Birth: Planet Nuremburg, Münich
Gender: Female
Previous occupation: Ship Mechanic, Military

Short Biography:
182cm, 72kg. Average build.

My biography should start more about our ancestors than my current self. As it ties in to one of my reasons for wanting to join you. Our line spans back to somewhere right after the defeat in the brutal Eighty Years War. A few generations ago my line in the family had once worked close to the Unioners at the time, very close. Yet somewhere along that line came a split, as my father did not follow that path unlike his two brothers did. He intended to serve Rheinland in its own military corps, serving ships and occasionally getting called to fight in skirmishes and such. Yet as soon as the Nomad war happened, and thus so abruptly ended, he became... a husk. He did not have the once almost bright gleam in his eyes, instead he lost most of his will. He returned home, battered and maddened. A surprise that he didn't actually rage in his alcoholism.

My mother cares for him still does to this day, while I went on to follow his old career in order to live on my own. I served the military in the backline as more of a mechanic and builder than a fighter for a few good years, mostly thanks to the knowledge gained from my father. Yet now that I have seen the state our dear Fatherland is in... I begin to weep for its safety. I begin to have the same fears that my father most likely felt. The influence from the outsiders changed the land greatly, and plunged the nation into something unfathomable. And thus I left soon after, searching for something. A call, a movement, one that hopes to bring the old Rheinland to power. And thus I discovered my roots, my ancestors, and whom they were. Leading me here.

Why do you want join us: I am not a servant of a broken people, I am someone who wants to bring hope to all of the people in Rheinland and drive this outside influence back to where it came from. I do not wish to see families and workers butchered due to inefficient capabilities and manipulation of our lands. I wish to see Kusarian and Libertonian influence and the famine they bring crushed under the boot of a spiky heel. Be it by my hand, or by the hands of the masses.

Oorp Section

Discovery experience: Have you ever been sanctioned? How long have you been around? Never sanctioned to my recollection, been around since my join date. Minus six months of inactivity during that time.
S.K.Y.P.E.: You have it.
(10-04-2016, 06:43 PM)Syf Wrote: [ -> ]Recruitment form

Liese Schreier

Welcome to the Movement. Privately attached are details on where to go to meet us. We look forward to working with you toward a brighter future for us.

[Image: 1PTUEoM.jpg?3]

ID: Dimitri Jaeger
Origin: Planet Hamburg
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Height: 187cm
Weight: 185ibs

Guten Tag! My name is Dimitri Jaeger, I was a Büro der Marineintelligenz member until a few months ago when I joined the Red Hessian Army. It didn't work out too well there so here I am joining the Unioners. Wwhen I left the Büro der Marineintelligenz on my own accord, due to them taking my wife and kids away from me for not following an order. The order was a suicide mission, I had my family to think about and my wife. This resulted in me becoming interrogated and beaten, like a corrupted militia. This is why I have an eye patch. I took a bullet to the head, was very lucky to survive. So I want to retaliate and get my revenge on the people who took my wife and kids away from me.

My previous flight experience has been very classified due to my job. But since I left, I was an Marineintelligenz member whom would deal with Nomad and infected invasions, pilots and I would go on endeavors into the Omicrons and Omegas to find and understand the Nomads and the infected pilots such as Das Wilde.


// SKYPE: Kieran.Talmey
// Timezome: UK Timezone
// Discovery Expierence: Too much to write in one sentence
// Have I ever been sanctioned? Yes I have
Recruitment form

Name: Stefan Morgenstern
Date of Birth (Age): April 13th, 788 A.S. (36 years old)
Place of Birth: Planet Holstein, Frankfurt
Gender: Have you ever seen a girl named Stefan? Male.
Previous occupation: Military pilot

Short Biography:
202cm, 86kg. A man with good physical training and great growth.

My biography is not the kind of thing I'd like to talk about. It's as black as the story of my fatherland. But you are interested in it, it seems so...
I was born and raised on planet Holstein in Frankfurt. My homeplanet was a cruel and cold world, despite the success in terraforming. But it was in such conditions that steel was tempered. People from my planet were known as excellent and cool-headed pilots, who never give up and fight till the last breath. Already in my childhood I had excellent physical training and quick coordination. I learned to drive my father's shuttle and gave high hopes. And it's not surprising that, like my two older brothers, I joined the army.
It was the darkest time in my life. During the homad war I lost my two brothers. They were considered as "missing". My family fell into depression and endless mourning. But, fortunately, the war bypassed my house. When I reached adulthood, I was sent to the military flying academy. At first it was hard to study, but the skills that I received as a child helped me a lot. Six years later I received the first military rank and finally joined the service.
Military service.
It seemed that my life was finally getting better. I found a lot of new friends in the army. We called each other as "Brothers in arms". We were engaged in patrolling systems, battles with Hessians and other military duties. And then it happened. The war between Liberty and Rheinland. It was terrible. I lost almost all my brothers in arms there and was left alone. Yes, I survived this hell. But memories ... I can never forget the smell of hot plasma in the morning. I saw that we were weak and couldn't attack, but who cares! Ambitions of one person or group of people have killed thousands. I was disappointed in the government for the first time. I could no longer maintain the status quo. I deserted, leaving a corrupted country. For a year I did not know what to do until I heard about the unioners. So I'm here and want to revenge and justice.

Why do you want join us: As I said above, I want to restore justice and avenge the ambitions of the people responsible for the war. I want to restore the former glory of our homeland and make Rheinland great again!

Oorp Section

Discovery experience: I didn't have any sanctions.
S.K.Y.P.E.: - I will send it via PM.
Incoming Transmission

[Image: ItwpqWa.jpg?1]

To: Stephan Morgenstern, Dimitri Jaeger
From: Arbeiter Lukas Mohr, der Alster Union.
Subject: Fresh blood, mm?

More flesh to the grinder, mh? You must really be searchin' for your place in paradise. Look hard, future bud - you're not out of the topsoil yet.

Dimitri's been posted on to the quartermaster's secretarial - your possessions have been audited - nothin' short of rude health and an ample shortage of tracking devices. Can't pin no spies on me, GEIST; my minions are naught but the cardinal' frickin' virtues.

Morgenstern - always a damn pleasure to be bunking up with an ex little green man, yeah? We jest, but there ain't no attitude the lanes can give you that'll toe up with Federal live-fire training. The squadrons will wanna' have a word with you.

Both of you hustle it to the given pickup - last leaves at o' Eighthundred before the feds come crashing around us.


D.Jaeger and S.Morgenstern have been accepted into the Reichsarbeitergesellshaft at Arbeiter rank.

I'd send you regards, but you're probably gonna' end up dead.
Lukas Mohr,
Arbeiter, Krefeld base, Koeln

Transmission Ended
[Image: K5OHpxA.png?1]

Recruitment form

Name: Shana An
Date of Birth (Age): May, 798 AS
Place of Birth: New Berlin, Planet New Berlin.
Gender: Female
Previous occupation: Aerospatial branch, Engine designs, Modelating and Shaping spacecrafts. Rehabilitations.

Short Biography:

Shana was born in New Berlin. Finished her studies, she recived the kind of education she was meant for. Designing ships was her duty since then, taking part into an important business well known within the Rheinland territory. Since she loved her job, she learnt to fly those spacecrafts on her own, since her salary wasn't a matter of complaining.
She recently left her job, though, for her own reasons. She was clearly young enough to hold this job for the rest of her life, and she, after a while, began to dislike the Rheinland way of assembling their ships, concretely the Military ones.
Barely one year of traveling around, brought her abboard of the Unioner boat. She felt confident in there, while she asked for a work well related with her old one, and perhaps a little bit more...spicy on the defensive branch.

Why do you want join us: For a work. Shared ideological concepts with the Unioners.
Oorp Section

Discovery experience: Have you ever been sanctioned? How long have you been around?
Not really. Light sanctions for shooting people in conn. Here for 1 year already. Time flies.
S.K.Y.P.E.: rax.bullstock
Incoming Transmission

[Image: ItwpqWa.jpg?1]

To: Shana An
From: Arbeiter Lukas Mohr, der Alster Union.
Subject: Fresh blood, mm?

Mmh? ‘Nother Berliner, hmm? When did Hamburg get so depopulated all the individuals wanna’ fly?

Pleasure to be seeing somebody a little self-coherent comin’ from the outside. Technical skill gets you appreciated, especially if you’re a neophyte comin’ in and trying to trick up the big scores. We’re always in need of engineers who know a wrench from a wren, a lagrange point from a ligature - If you’re not some all-talk tentative, I’d be more than happy to see you flying for set of sensibles.

Shuttle leaves from the ring at Oh’ Fifty, berth eighty four Alpha. Say you came came with a cargo of jump ropes for the elderly - they’ll know what that means sure enough.

S.An has been accepted into the Unioners at Arbeiter rank.

Lukas Mohr,
Arbeiter, Krefeld base, Koeln

Transmission Ended
Recruitment form

Name: James Hollywood
Date of Birth (Age): April, 804 A.S. (20 years old)
Place of Birth: Texas, Planet Hudson
Gender: Male
Previous occupation: Trader

Short Biography: Not much to explain. I was born on planet Hudson in the Texas system. I was poor so I worked as a miner...yea that didn't go well... So I started trading with some ores ( scrap... yup not the greatest point in my life). Well, once I met a guy in a bar. He was funny looking. With his white eye and black beard... he offered me some black market thingys... I think they were: Caradmine, Light arms and most importantly artifacts. I took them cuse I heard that does thinks are cheap. Well next morning my travel began. When I landed on the base I heard some guys talking about a terrorist group called : Unioners. I thought: "Oh, all does stories sound so cool, I wanna join them, I want adventures and action as well". And now im here writing a request to join that cool group.

Why do you want join us: As my parents said. A couple of extra hands can always help to catch a bull.

Oorp Section

Discovery experience: Have you ever been sanctioned? Yes I have. How long have you been around? About 6 or 7 months.
S.K.Y.P.E.: SlowCharge
Incoming Transmission

[Image: ItwpqWa.jpg?1]

To: James Hollywood
From: Arbeiter Lukas Mohr, der Alster Union.
Subject: Fresh blood, mm?

Well well, we’ve got a real Hopalong Cassidy pushing the rudder pedals for us. I’m touched. Always a pleasure to have a few Good Ol’ Boys fighting for the old cause, right my brother?

We’ve got one mighty steer for you to track down, Tex’.

J.Hollywood has been accepted into the Unioners at Arbeiter rank.

Lukas Mohr,
Arbeiter, Krefeld base, Koeln

Transmission Ended
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