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Full Version: small suggestion for the forum
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not sure if any forum devs are still active or if the admins have write access to do it but...

auto resizing large images would be very nice to have, for instance if it detects the image is larger than 700x250(or whatever is acceptable on posts) it resizes to 75%, 50%, 33% etc etc of original size, then you can rightclick and open the original in a new tab if its too small to see things - this is a feature on a non-freelancer forum i moderate and its very convenient for when you want to show the image in posts without doing math to manually resize it
While that's a wonderful idea, if MyBB allowed us to set something like that up easily, it'd have been done by now.
Something like that isn't supported natively by the forum engine. There aren't any easy edits that can be made to force such a thing from happening either. The only method to reliably do this is to develop a plugin. (There are plugins which exist for the older verison of myBB, not supported on 1.8+ though)

There is MyCode you can use to resize your images to custom dimensions when you're adding them into a thread, but a function which automatically resizes it if it's too large isn't possible.

There are some more roundabout ways that can be taken, but believe me. It's just not worth it.

If you want to make us a plugin which manages that, be my guest. I'd love that. Though I've tried working with making stuff for MyBB before. It is NOT fun. I don't want to do it.
> but a function which automatically resizes it if it's too large isn't possible.

The code for that is literally posted in the previous thread in this forum.