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The brave men and women of the Liberty Police, Inc. are the only ones standing between honest Libertonian citizens and chaos. In a House like Liberty, it takes more than a government police force to keep order - it takes a multi-level, far-reaching, privately-owned, well-connected organization with an enormous budget, tough cops, smart detectives and a Chief of Police who won't be bullied by the corporations and the organized crime. Liberty Police is such an organization: one that keeps its citizens safe and the crime levels down.

The Liberty Police, Inc. is responsible for enforcing the law throughout the sprawling republic - from Cortez to New Hampshire, Pennsylvania to Colorado, and all the corps and criminals in between. The officers of the LPI must deal with everything: gang warfare, riots, organized crime and corruption. And all to often, armies of corporate lawyers see to it that even the LPI's best efforts result in no more than a slap on the wrist.

1 A.S.
The Liberty Peacekeepers are formed to help maintain the peace and provide assistance those in need. The Liberty Peacekeepers were a combination of Police and Rescue and Assistance squads.

10 A.S.
Liberty Police Department founded.

16 A.S.
Liberty Police Department's space arm is founded.

653 A.S.
Liberty Police Inc. takes over control of the old government-funded Liberty Police Department.

800 to 801 A.S.
Liberty Police Inc. participates in the Nomad war.

815 A.S.
"The Great Shake Out", as it was known, rids the LPI of dozens of incompetent and corrupt officers. This is after a year of investigations led and supervised by Chief of Police Matt Myers.

815 A.S.
Chief Of Police Matt Myers retires and moves to Curacao.

816 A.S.
Chief Of Police Roger Williams dies in an Assassination Plot.

816 A.S.
Matt Myers is brought back as Chief of Police.

816 A.S.
Terrorist attack on Fort Bush kills 150 officers. Leads to the largest manhunt in all of the LPI's history. It was discovered that the bomb parts used in the bombing were Rheinlandic in origin. Liberties President Powell lays blame for the bombing at Rheinland's feet.

817 A.S.
War is declared on Rheinland. The LPI distinguishes itself by assisting the Liberty Navy and Liberty Security Forces in several battles in the opening of the war that turn out to be complete losses for Rheinland.

818 A.S.
Failed assassination attempt is made upon Matt Myers. By a miracle, he survives.

818 A.S.
Matt Myers sells his shares to the IND and retires, Hull O'Brian is made Chief of Police.

821 A.S.
Unrest begins to spread within the LPI's higher ranks as Hull O'Brian still hasn't showed up to his office after three years. Some say that he has been observed enjoying life alongside Mr. Myers at Planet Gran Canaria, but these rumors are as of yet unconfirmed. Due to his prolonged disappearance the LPI Board of Directors meets and promotes Jonas Valent to Chief of Police.

822 A.S.
Jonas Valent steps down from the position and J.D. Masket is promoted to Chief.

822 A.S.
Chief Masket finds out about his roots and is now known as Zenon. After accused of being involved with artifact smuggling but with no real evidence, he decides to step down for the greater good and passes the Chief torch onto Jax Rogers.

824 A.S.
The position of Chief is moved between several people - Patricia Lyons, Mariko Mori, Morten Hellberg and finally Chun-Mai Dawn. Dawn conducts a significant restructuring in the Liberty Police.

826 A.S.
Commissioner Patricia Lyons retires and Jean Holiday is appointed the new Chief of Police. She has started to restructure the Liberty Police in her image.

  • ID: Liberty Police, Inc.
  • IFF: Liberty Police, Inc.
  • Naming System: LPI-Name.Surname[Rank]
  • Bases of Operations: Planet Manhattan, Planet Denver, Planet Houston, Planet Los Angeles

Summary of Duties
  • Interdiction of smugglers
  • Upholding the peace, by deadly force if necessary.
  • Destruction of any unlawfulls, including Rogues, Hackers, Xenos, Outcasts, and any other rabble-rousers.
  • Filling of the prison stations Huntsville and Sugarland for the rehabilitation of criminal elements and the riff-raff.
  • Rescue and Assistance of distressed ships and personnel.


Liberty Navy
Liberty Security Force
Liberty Corporations

Bretonia Corporations
Bounty Hunters Guild

Rheinland Corporations
Kusari Corporations
Others not listed

Gallic Corporations

Gallic Royal Enclave

Chief of Police [C]
The leader of all LPI officers and focused on the organisational and administrative part of the LPI. Chief of Police Jean Holiday is the current head of the Liberty Police, working diligently to ensure security and safety of all Libertonians. In addition to being the ultimate authority within the LPI, the Chief is also its public face. Every day is a new battle to reconcile the realities of the LPI's workforce with the expectations of the government, the corporations, special interest groups, the public and the LPI itself.

Can Access All LPI- Vessels.

Deputy Chief of Police [DC]
The Deputy Chief of Police serves as the Chief of Police right hand, tending to the special tasks and projects, and has to be able to complete the duties of the Chief should the need arise.

Can Access All LPI- Vessels.

Captain [Cp]
The head of a single LPI precinct. Has authority over all lower ranking officers, though will generally only operate in their own system.

Can Access All LPI- Vessels.

Lieutenant [Lt]
The go-between of the Captains and Sergeants, this rank class was set up to supervise things in the field while the Captains sat back and orchestrated numerous units headed up by Lieutenants at once.

Can Access up to Battlecruisers.

Sergeant [S]
Low ranking officers who supervise the Officers. Has authority over all lower ranking officers.

Can Access up to Cruisers.

Detective [D]
Low ranking officers who are trusted to work alone.

Can Access up to Gunboats.

Officer [O]
The regular ranks of the LPI, with no supervisory authority or power.

Can Access any Snub-craft.

Recruit Officer [RO]
The lowest of the low, these flatfoots are required to prove themselves by completing certain menial tasks, logging time in space, and other things as well as passing a written exam.

Can Access only Liberty made snub-crafts

Departments, Bureaus and Units
There are several departments within the LPI. Traditionally, officers have only been assigned to one of the departments at a time, however with the recent rise in crimes commited within Liberty more flexibility was needed. As such, now the dispatch only assigns tasks to specific departments which then have free choice of assigning any available officer on duty to a particular task.

Patrol is the department responsible for prevention of crime. They will often report sightings of suspicious activity to the dispatch, question suspects and take care of smaller offenses.

Traffic department deals with all manner of non-violent crimes commited within Liberty, such as smuggling, possession of restricted ships or equipment and others, commited by individuals.

The Vice unit is responsible for combatting organised crime within Liberty, especially that pertaining to prostitution, drugs, slavery and others.

Fraud department is a section of the LPI concerned with forgeries and other white-collar crimes.

The Homicide department is responsible for investigations of murders in Liberty.

Special Crimes
The Special Crimes bureau is mostly concerned with unusual and less prevalent cases, mostly pertaining to various instances of corporate crime, abuse, oversight or espionage.

The Forensics lab use specialised skills and technologies to aid other departments in solving a variety of crimes and obtaining evidence suitable for convicting criminals.

Riot Control
Riot Control is the heavy weapons unit of the LPI, having access to the hardest-hitting arsenal available to the Police force. The SWAT squad is a part of the Riot Control department.

The Management and Administration (or Admin) bureau is concerned with various adminsitration work for the Police. Admin operates the dispatch as well as the Logistics ships.

Precincts are specific territorial areas of operations for the Police.

New York Precinct
The main bases are Planet Manhattan and the LPI headquarters at Fort Bush. New York is the capital system of Liberty and by far the most patrolled, seeing significant pirate activity from all criminal organisations operating in Liberty as well as many smugglers.

California Precinct
The main base is Planet Los Angeles. San Diego Border Station was home to the California Precinct until its destruction by the Gallic Navy. California Precinct also dispatches patrols into the Liberty-controlled parts of Magellan and Cortez systems.

Texas Precinct
The main base here is Houston. The LPI prisons Huntsville and Sugarland are in this system. Houston is also home to Cryer’s Houston Heavy Technologies subsidiary.

Colorado Precinct
The main base is the Admin department headquarters at the Police Plaza. Colorado is home to the Denver Research Institute as well as Pueblo - one of the main Ageira manufacturing plants. Colorado also houses the Police training facility at Battleship McNeil Island and the highest security prison in Liberty - Attica Supermax.

Pennsylvania Precinct
The main base of operations in Pennsylvania is the Philadelphia Station. Pennsylvania is a frequent target of raids by the Rogues and Xenos against the mining operations in the Hallam Nebula.

Western Precinct
The primary base for the Western Precinct, which encompasses the systems of Ontario and Alberta, is the Fort Severn. The separate Ontario, Alberta and Yukon Precincts were merged into one after the fall of Red Deer Station. Western is mostly underdeveloped and home to a large amount of Lane Hackers.

Eastern Precinct
Eastern Precinct encompasses the systems of Virginia, New Hampshire and Puerto Rico. These systems are mostly undeveloped and the Police HQ at Morgantown Station sees very little cases coming in from these three systems. As such, the Eastern Precinct is mostly neglected.

Liberty Police Inc. Roster

Chief of Police
  • Jean Holiday ( )

Deputy Chief of Police
  • Patricia Lyons ( )


  • Andrew Wilson ( )

  • Nathaniel Dawson ( )

  • Tiffany Brockhouse ( )
  • Andrew Ashford ( )
  • Alban Jankowski ( )
  • Sarah Walker ( )

  • Michael Lawson ( )
  • Viviana.D'Zelra ( )
  • Rose Dawn ( )
  • Rick Hogan ( )
  • James Ford ( )
  • Marcus White ( )
  • Isla Nazumaki ( )

Sunbucks Inc, Employee
  • Kaiden Ren ( )
  • Tpurroc Torrent ( )

Recruit Officer
  • Will Gorski ( )
  • Samantha "Sam" Swanson ( )
  • Stephanie "Steph" Swanson ( )