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Full Version: Geoff's Dev work: Getting side tracked
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This is basically a palce where things are showed that goes against my regular and official work title.
Such as side projects, I sometimes end up saying "Oh this will be cool", make it, post it here.

Vertical Missile Launcher
I've always frowned to see that missiles have yet to be effectively used on capital ships, especially the larger ones. What i though was a +7km support weapon. High damage, limited ammo pool, long reload speeds, great tracking, long range, high cost. Although this came to a thought for lighter capitals to effectively keep at a longer range away from heavier variants, but heres a few notes i found when making them. This isnt a finished product and will need a tonne of balancing to even be considered to be implemented.

- The missile will fire at a upwards 90-Degree angle of the turret, if the turret is placed on a port-side or starboard facing outwards from the ship, it will fire in that direction.
- Target must be above the launch direction, or the missile wont track. (180 degree tracking efficiency)
- Chance to hit may vary, increasing with the targets position relative to the turrets upwards firing angle.
- Missiles can be countered by Flak / CD / CM. (Dodging is harder at longer ranges)
- Range of the missiles is in the range of 4Km - 10km. Anything closer 4Km will miss, the closer the range of the target, the higher chance to miss.

Looks awesome. You used a wrong dreadnought, though.
Gib. Kittyhawk need.
Really nice!
Whoa nice. That could actually make me buy a cap...
This is something I've been thinking about making a thread about for ages now... not the missile launcher specifically though. But simply about the need for new weapons types as well as remoddled existing weapons. There are cap ship turrets that exist in game that look legit like something you'd find in RL or would see in sci-fi for ships with turrets, but then there are the turrets that are literally tubes swiveling on a single axis pivot, connected to another single axis pivot point. Why can't the Devs, or rather, some member of the community design new aesthetically pleasing and realistic turrets / guns? And on top of that, new types of weapons such as this awesome missile launcher.

Such a weapon as this existing in game would be perfect I think because, the slow launch of the missile could lead to an interesting combat mechanic. An enemy fighter could, if in range, turn and focus on destroying the missiles before they get to speed, while in combat, or would have to let the missiles pass in order to keep enemy fighters off of themselves or other members of their side. It would add an interesting twist to combat strategy and such. There are a LOT of things that could be added to the game, such as equipment and the like that would completely change the combat dynamic of the game that I've even made a list of a year or 2 ago that I still have tacked to the note board above my desk.

Other than that bit of rambling, looks sweet, Geoff. If this were to ever interest the Devs, I'd think something similar for gunboats would be a bit of a change. Dedicated long range missile boats would be something I'm sure a lot of crappy PVPers would appreciate giving a try. Please don't start an argument over missile spam vs get good scrub as a result of my saying this? Not all of us have as good reflexes or manual dexterity as others. Carpel tunnel syndrome is a demon when it comes to this game. Big Grin
can we have that please?
Ok, I need those on the secondary's of the Tokugawa with a 5.0 refire rate. For the power of anime!

But that does indeed look amazing, I hope it makes it into the game.
Gib to BD Togo. Is light BS, unlike Tokugawa.
O, that's an interesting concept. I'd like it in game ;3
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