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Full Version: BDM| @Discord
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With the start of 2017 we are going to switch from Skype to Discord. This is because of the many advantages it is providing, compared to Skype.

Our new chat rooms are already set up. We also have a channel for our indies, and a rank system to keep the overview between indies/offical members, what simplifies faction management a lot. I think one week should be enough for all of our members to create a Discord account. Till then, our Skype chats will... cease to exist.

Personally i will still check my skype pms for a certain period of time, but not as often as i used to do. I will slowly give up my Skype account and all the contacts therein. You can allways reach me on Discord as SkyNet#9744

Our indie/offical chat can be found here: BDM|

Returning members are, of course, always welcome. Just hit us on Skype Discord.

Happy new year.