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Full Version: Discovery Web API work in progress
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With the current bundle of scripts not surviving the PHP upgrade, work has started on a long desired project of mine: A proper, isolated, Web API for Discovery.

The purpose of this web api is to have a central, unified component to store and output collected server data, such as online players, kills, events with their status, or whatever else we can get our hands on later on. The second objective behind this project is to get rid of the current bloated PHP mess we have (not to mention all caches being stored as plaintext files) regularly bogging down the entire web services whenever someone dares to request updated faction data.

The project is public and can be found here: (stars welcomed (sun))
Progress will however be slow as I do not have as much time as earlier anymore.

0. Data collection
- API key system
- Retrieve data from the game server
- Store hourly player counts
- Cache manager
- Error Manager Deleted in favor of experimentation with other systems

1. Player List
- Implementation
- Add to cache manager
- Website view

2. TBD

Interesting, looking forward to how it turns out
Great idea!

Very interesting. I would like to see how that turns out.
nifty/10 jk it's c# (:::
Cool! Big Grin Gave you a watch and a star, will be following it.
The update method is now finished and has been deployed on the server, which means we are now collecting player data again.
Few weeks back I've mused possibility of gathering complex data (player, position, ship, items, timestamp) from server for analytics, with goal of measuring how playerbase reacts to changes in mod or rules thus enabling community to cut "my opinion vs your opinion" for sake of real data, like how we do with people using our webapps at work.

Do you think your API could eventually be used for that?

...alternativelly just feeding it to graphana for some fancy vanity dashboard.
Player, position (limited to system accuracy), ship, id and timestamp is all stored. We don't store items however but it may be added one day.
I will take the bullet for the IT dumb person here and ask - how to start and use it please? I downloaded the zip but my IT knowledge ends there because there seems to be no file or app which can be started.
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