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Full Version: Baron Piett [biography]
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Character name: Baron Firmus Piett
Status: Alive

[Image: rLitUYh.jpg]

Primary Ship: HMS-Royal.Sovereign
Status: Destroyed during the battle for planet New London

[Image: VN3zly1.png]

Achievements in House: Bretonia

- Minister of Defense of House Bretonia - former minister and member of the government
- Fleet Admiral of the Armed Forces BAF| - former faction leader
- Bounty officer of the Armed Forces BAF| - former contract handler
- Recruiting officer of the Armed Forces BAF| - former recruiter
- Training officer of Queen Carina's Academy QCA| - former trainer to new recruits
- Independent admiral of the Bretonia Royal Fleet - founder of BRF| , trainer of capital ship captains
- Fleet Innovator - creator of two projects "Dragoon" (HF) and "Agincourt" (carrier) addition to bretonian ship line

Awards and Titles:

7. Peerage: Baron - further rising within the Nobles.
6. Peerage: Lord of Jarrow - property given Jarrow Island - SRC facilities
[Image: BAF-DFC.jpg] 5. Distinguished Flying Cross - Awarded to Armed Forces personnel for exceptional piloting ability.
[Image: BAF-VB.jpg] 4. Veteran's Badge - Awarded to Armed Forces Personnel who have served for over 18 months.
[Image: BAF-NSM.jpg] 3. National Service Medal - Awarded to Armed Forces or Bretonian Police personnel or Bretonian citizens who make substantial financial donations to the war effort.
[Image: BAF-KBE.jpg] 2. Knight Commander of the Order of the Bretonian Empire - Highest National Honor, awarded by the Queen for extraordinary personal service to Bretonia. Confers upon the holder the honorific "Sir" to be recognized by all Bretonian citizens.
[Image: BAF-DSC.jpg] 1. Distinguished Service Cross - Awarded to Armed Forces personnel for extraordinary service in non-combat roles.

Individual Information and RP stories:

4) Fiat Lux - A transient RP explaining the sudden disappearance of Baron Piett during the evacuation of planet New London before the Gallic Assault on the system
3) Convergence - A recent forumRPlay story with SIS(Bretonia Intelligence) about the construction of a secret weapon test facility on Lyndhurst.
2) Bright Future - A story revealing important internal changes with Piett's behavior and his future, several players were involved (I did my best to make it good looking, with a lot of clarity and less walls of pure text).
1) Fall and Rise - Full biography of Firmus Piett as well as information about his island, Surgical Reconstruction Center - its scientific developments and accomplishments.

Important timeline events:

23) Special Delivery 6 - Donations to the war front (BAF Budget)
22) Special Delivery 5 - delivering all build 500'000 battle armors before leaving planet New London
21) Mobilization on Sprague - Building of two fighter factories in planet Sprague to arm and train civilians in to CDI (Civilian Defense Initiative) pilots.
20) Omega Alliance with Rheiland -Pushing this cooperation between Bretonia and Rheinland in the Omega worlds.
19) Warming the relations with National Council of Malta.
18) Special Delivery 3/ Special Delivery 4 - Donations to the war front.
17) Raising within Nobility 3 - From Lord to Baron.
16) Begining of Project "Agincourt" - Pushing forward the carrier project.
15) Building of Project "Agincourt" - Supply thread for the carrier construction.
14) Southampton Improvement - This was necessary OORP request, which accomplishment later allowed me to RP this improvement in behalf Piett, who proposed this idea in RP.
13) Raising within Nobility 2 - From Sir to Lord.
12) Old Coalition NaP - Which did not last long.
11) Old RHA NaP - As much as most would decline it - over the years RHA were cool with us. This act was back then considered as...necessary step. Rheinland invaded Cambridge and lost Westfalen, so why no NaP-ing with RHA? Smile
10) Meeting with Her Royal Majesty - A necessary meeting, concerning grave news to Bretonia, from the defector princess Alice deFrance. Permission to blow off the gate from Leeds to New London was allowed by Carina.
9) Patrol Recommendations - An old guidance to patrols for BAF| with intentions of removing ganks and losses.
8) Forming an alliance with the Colonial Republic. - During the period as Fleet Admiral of the Armed Forces
7) The Capture of Alderaan - I doubt if people would remember that but this specific base was a fortress and causing problems. The owner decided to make RP of its fall and here it is.
6) Creation of CDI (Civilian Defense Initiative) - Back the in the patch notes it was mentioned that Bretonia is starting to turn civilian craft in to military and training civilians. We decided to realize this and make a sub faction know as the Eagles and RP around this hint.
5) Raising within Nobility 1 - Received KBE, Sir title.
4) Creation of Bretonia Royal Fleet, BRF| - All info is inside. Thanks to thunderer for saving the original files of the thread.
3) Special Delivery 2 - Donating the Prison Liner Glasshouse (click the secret folder for more info).
2) Special Delivery 1 - Donating the Royal Liner Britannia (click the link for news).
1) Queen Carina Academy - Back then in Salisbury, were fun times.