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Full Version: Aid for Veterans: Returning players need love too!
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Support program for returning players

Welcome to the DiscoveryGC veteran aid program, a special admin-sponsored tool to reincorporate returning players into our mod. For a few months we have taken surveys from individual players who have taken leave from our community and asked them to describe many of the issues that come with trying to get back into the game. While many points raised revolved around the roleplay timeline and overall progress within the lore, there were specific ones regarding the attempt to start over and the seemingly impossible task to restore lost assets. Especially if you are a responsible adult with working hours and limited online time in the evenings.

One of the main raised concerns were the fact that taking out loans without the knowledge of whether or not the player will be invested enough to stick around and be able to repay the loans was a huge issue. As such - this program was created.

The ''Veteran Aid'' program we provide is geared towards DiscoveryGC members who:
1. Have not been active on our community for around a year or more.
2. Have no server assets or their current assets do not allow for comfortable participation on our server.*

The program, once applied for, will offer the player:
1. An account with - One medium Freelancer ID transport. One Mining Ship (faction may be specified). One Freelancer ID VHF. A comfortable amount of starting credits.**
2. Optional access to a Help chat the player can join either on Skype or Discord.
3. No obligations or bindings towards the items described above. They are yours to keep once you obtain them. You were a part of our history, we owe it to you.
4. Confidentiality. All applications for the aid package are discrete and visible only to DiscoveryGC Staff.

How to apply for the Veteran Aid Package:
1. Log into your oldest forum account. If you do not have access to your old forum account, please link it in your request and provide us with information we can use as identification.***
2. Post a new thread titled "Veteran Package Application: NAME" under the PLAYER REQUESTS section.

You do not need to provide any more information in your thread. You will be messaged by a staff member explaining your next steps to complete the request.

Your post will be invisible to everyone but the DiscoveryGC staff. If you are unsure where to post, please send the request to any of the currently active Server Admin via Private Message.

*Players with existing server assets still may be privvy to this package if their total server assets are deemed small enough.
**Players may request specific IDs on any of these ships if they wish. Simply state so in the request thread.
***Players who do not have access to their old forum accounts and may not recover them due to change of email may not request access to their old accounts due to security concerns.
****If 7 days elapse between admin sending you the initial email and your reply, the request will be archived and you will need to apply again.

We would like our active members to take their time in spreading the word of this program to their old skype-buddies. If they ever wished to dip their toes into DiscoveryGC again without owing their starting funds to someone - this is their chance.
~DiscoveryGC Administration Team

Admin Notice: This reach out to older players is for the benefit of those players and our community. Individuals who do not fall under the category of players described above, who attempt to abuse this system will be destroyed.
The first reiteration of the program has been launched. Spread the word.
Would current members of Discovery who are still in contact with un-returned vets please consider giving them a bump about this, in the event that it would help them return.
(07-19-2018, 08:02 AM)The Flame Touched Wrote: [ -> ]Would current members of Discovery who are still in contact with un-returned vets please consider giving them a bump about this, in the event that it would help them return.