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In this thread, you'll find work pertaining to special effects that I've done for the community, whether implented, an upcoming feature, or drafted, or simply abandoned.

An important personal aspect upon effects when it comes to my personal feelings, I really think that people should be able to personalise their things and be 'them' - opening up newer doors to different ideas and themes. For example, now with the extended addition of new lights, you can have factions that have a 'uniform' of lights, giving groups a theme. Let the world recognise who you are by looking, not listening. I may also post goodies concerning system work, such as trying to make nicer stations, or experiments on backgrounds.

What I wish to provide to the community is faction variety to suit almost all needs, though, of course, not everything can be done. I'm aware that too much vanity can be over the board, so we'll see how this'll go.

Derelict, defunctional equipment? Many people are salvagers, not everyone is high tech and hoity toity posh. Be the real hard worker that you've wanted to be, real pilots get dirty and pays no head to safety regulations.

Stuff for the bandits? Careful the lawful enforcement doesn't catch you politically supporting the Red Hessians! They don't like it when you use things made by the bad guys, but at least you can still look cool in jail.

Want to remind everyone how super rich you are? Get prototype engines, and look mighty above the common filth. Be cautious who you befriend, jealously gets the better of people who have big guns, they'll want a piece of your wealth.

Anyhow, in my old thread, you can see some of the really bad, or good, stuff I've done previously, but I will forward some materials to this thread.

Consider this to be a kind of blog thread for work, intentions, or sneakpeaks. Ask questions here, or if you need help with debugging your alchemy work, I can try to help, no guarantee though. Please do not argue here, do not spam here. Leave witty jokes in the old thread quoting whatever from here, this thread isn't the place for it, but it doesn't hurt to have a chuckle, just not here, if you may. Constructive feedback is welcomed.
[placeholder for image ref]
What part of the ALE file controls the size of a ship flame namely the diameter of it?
That depends on what emitter you're using, which is the 'physical property' of the effect.

In most cases, you want to look at:

<effect type="vanim" name="ConeEmitter_MinRadius">
<effect type="vanim" name="ConeEmitter_MaxRadius">
<effect type="vanim" name="ConeEmitter_MinSpread">
<effect type="vanim" name="ConeEmitter_MaxSpread">

Yuri's guide illustrates max-min of cone/cube/etc emitters nicely.

Help me please I am trying to upscale the Gallic VHF engine for a valor, this is where I got so far:

But the engine flame is not long enough how can I make it longer so it sticks out the nozzle? Like the VHF:
That's a lifespan issue, not a radius issue.
(07-18-2017, 12:21 AM)Auzari Wrote: [ -> ]That's a lifespan issue, not a radius issue.

I couldnt work it out Sad
Turn the keyframe for the lifespan to be longer, same with the rings, but put the rings pressure a bit up.
(07-18-2017, 12:44 AM)Auzari Wrote: [ -> ]Turn the keyframe for the lifespan to be longer, same with the rings, but put the rings pressure a bit up.

All I am good at doing is replacing one set of numbers with the other, so i have taken the gallic vhf engine ale and replaced with the numbers from the valor engine ale.

As I am not sure what the limits are for each parameter its hard to 'guess' the correct timings and other values
You're supposed to edit the keyframes in the loop.

[Image: 3XawZgL.png]

[time/keyframe]: [value]
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