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Personal Terminal

Vex Upsilon

Data Upload - File 06.17.823A.S. - Entry 1: Test Day

Father let me take command today. The Ahkmim finally got to see my leadership, which he said wasn't all that bad. We only went as far as Taba today, but he said tomorrow we would go out to Toledo. I need to be able to command this ship while faced with the ghosts of the past, and he said doing the Toledo run tomorrow will help me do that.

I really hope that this ship becomes mine someday.. The faint memories I have of it are already enough to grab me and pull me in. Just the sheer power of the Ahkmim.. even the name.. Dad got a good deal..


Data Upload - File 01.05.824A.S. - Entry 2: New Kicks

Well.. dad's passing the mantle off to me. Should be a nice reception, since he's being all formal about it and all, though he said he'll stay back as a sort of advisor. I'm not sure if I like the sound of that, but he seems like he just wants to make sure I'm doing everything correctly, since I don't have everything down yet.

I've also taken to using a codename like he has, since this is also the Omicrons and I should probably try to hide my identity given the ease of access to records out here... surprisingly... Dad said it should be something 'ponderable, yet still flashy'.. I'm not sure what he meant, but given he uses the name 'Autumn', I figured I'd go all out and use 'Vexus'. I think it's pretty neat, and I already use the quota 'V' for my tails anyway, so it works.

I'll see what dad wants me to do after this, then I'll try and get the rest of my business out of the way. Until then.


Data Upload - File 08.26.824A.S. - Entry 3: Akira Miyasaki

Met an enterprising Osiris captain today. Dad didn't seem too impressed by her, but I suppose it's better than an Overwatch warship. We took a trip into Iota along with a Dragon fighter, taking some burned remains back home, which honestly was what I needed..

I like her, honestly. She's got that spark that dad said I had when I first stepped onto the Ahkmim. I just hope she realizes just how much this job takes.. I don't expect people to be perfect, but if there's one thing Casper taught me, it's to always question everything. If that means the Order itself, then at least I'll be the right one when an incursion happens..

Guess I'm out until next time. Peace.


Data Upload - File 08.27.824A.S. - Entry 4: Setting the Example

Now I remember why I don't like the Overwatch. Why I even tried to think they were only there to stop the Nomads I'll have no idea, but they just blasted up a situational ally, so obviously they didn't get the memo that Casper put out.

The Freeport was saved once again because of us, a few other pilots and a Core Mako. Sure, I get it. The Core doesn't like the Order, and the same is vice versa. Honestly though, is it too hard to just accept that for once someone might be trying to do the right thing? Not even minutes after that damn Guardian went down, the Overwatch sends out the Spectre and Geb to mow down what was at that point an allied vessel. I didn't give two damns whether it was a Core Mako or a Zoner Aquilon. That ship helped the Order with their job, and didn't show hesitation in the slightest to lend it.

I sometimes wonder what goes on out here.


Data Upload - File 09.23.824A.S. - Entry 5: Trauma

Not much I can really put down here. I'm probably not even worthy enough to post in this damn journal anymore after what happened today. Navy doesn't care about their own safety, and makes ridiculous claims left and right.. Hope that Admiral burns in hell for what he did today... not the captain, though... just him.. the ignorant cowardly weasel..

Context. Went to Liberty with the Beshmet. Was scouting around for any random patrols, since those squids do do them from time to time.. I ran into some components of the Fifth Fleet, led by their illustrious admiral, John Sader.. We talked, I told him about Orillion, and the guy has the nerve to tell me that I'm a punk idiot flying to Golanski.. guh.. I hate typing out his name..

After that, he told me to leave Liberty via Kepler, I decided to go out through Cortez, he blockades the gate.. then sends his goons on me... and I.. I just lost it.. I couldn't keep myself together.. I didn't want to die like that.. to a bunch of squibs and their woeful leader.. I begged them not to.. they tried, but I.. I.. started whimpering and..

I guess I should be thankful to them.. the mercy was a nice touch.. even if I had to go to Kepler anyway...

Guess I'll have some caution around Liberty for now..


Data Upload - File 11.07.824A.S. - Entry 6: Civil War

Not been paying much attention to this as I should. Things have been happening and logging them is going to be critical to what's about to transpire.

Golanski officially flagged me as a traitor the other day. In the wake of the attack on Port Carthage, I decided I'd had enough of his games. He's fired on civilians. Civilians! All in the attempt to deal a blow against the Core. Hell, he's even allied with infectees, and he has the nerve to label me a traitor. I oughta string him by his vocal cords..

I've been restricting myself to guard duty around the Freeport, for fear of a battlegroup uncloaking and taking us out. I have a lot of people counting on me and the Ahkmim, including Mia.

Funny enough seeing her today, which was a relief from all the chaos and other whats-stuff. She seemed to know that everything was topsy, which I'm guessing is why she brought a goodwill present to the mooring docks. Apparently she's also got a.. 'physical body', her being an AI and all.. I guess.. I kind of want to see it, but that might be for later, when 'lanski isn't peppering the Freeport with mortar rounds.

Apparently I've also caught the eye of Auxesia, and I only know this because one of their higher ups contacted me about my actions during the third assault. After a few messages back and forth, and the whole incident with 'lanski partnering with infectees, I'm looking at turning over towards them, since the Core wouldn't have anything to do with me and the Zoners would get tired of us eventually.

Still contemplating a lot. I'll likely think more on what's going on, but as it seems now, I'm looking at a stark transfer. Time will tell...


Data Upload - File 11.09.824A.S. - Entry 7: Carthage and the Songs

Carthage is lost, and I have Michal and that fat waste of space from Crete to thank for it.

They came in with an invasion fleet the other day, and while we weren't there to contribute to their repel, they did tear through the line and lay waste to the Port. Such a loss of life, and such an act of betrayal, will not go unpunished.

The contact I had with Auxesia turned out to be one of their Keepers, which honestly didn't surprise me. He told me that he'd made the call to the Lane Hackers for me, and that I'd have to move the Ahkmim to Livadia for the techs to be able to replace the transponder. Things being the way they are, I don't think any of this will be a problem for any of the crew, and especially not for me.

Was also a hectic situation today outside the Freeport. An aspiring Zoner Administrator, Alesia Williams, set up the foundations for a station right where Carthage had been. Kyu didn't like it, and when the Order stated their intent to destroy this one as well, he didn't voice any disagreement. Honestly, I can see where he's coming from, but the fact that she was just an aspiring leader is what throws me off. She could've had potential, but the Order instead wants their imperium to be unopposed.

The captain of that liner also got on us today. Apparently Kyu put a bounty out for Williams since she made some comment towards him, or so I hear, and she seemed to think I was helping Alesia so she opted to put a hit on me as well. I evaded the dogs she had and made my way back aboard the Ahkmim, but I'm letting her go, on the grounds that she 'owes me'.

I'm starting to see this whole place as one massive fuster cluck, which honestly isn't far from what people say it is.



Data Upload - File 12.04.824A.S. - Entry 8: Auxesia and the Master Plan

Had an interesting conversation with the Keepers onboard the Eidolon Wraith. Not a whole lot different from what I expected, but knowing that they want to help remove that bastard from Mu was something I didn't exactly expect to leave there with.

Leviathan invited me to join him and a few others on the Andraste to discuss the whole Freeport situation as well as this 'rebellion' I'm supposedly gonna lead against Golanski and his jerkoff scrubs. I've never lead anything larger than a local militia, so this will be an interesting test, especially with 'three Osiris'' by my side. Time will tell where this goes, but for the most part I'm liking it.

I'm going to leave Kryn with the Ahkmim and the Beshmet while I'm gone to Inverness. Hopefully this won't take long, since I hate being away from that ship, but I have faith in her leadership. She's been with me through thick an thin, and only that VI has more uptime than she does.

Guess I'll leave this to the forces ahead. Can't wait to see the look on that bastard's face when Akabat is surrounded by heavies.
I'll keep my popcorn ready.


Data Upload - File 12.13.824A.S. - Entry 9: Rebellion.. (or something else cool sounding)

The meeting went well, with all things considered. I'm gonna try and get everything I can going to get the Ahkmim out of the Omicrons, since the Order will likely use their 'big power' to try and derail this thing before we can get it off the ground.

What's interesting is that Kalh will be taking a side seat in this endeavor, as I guess he doesn't hate the Overwatch nearly as much as I do. Time will tell, though, since I do need to get this prepped for a move to some place like.. the Sigmas? I'm not entirely sure where we'll go, but I guess anywhere is better than being trapped on the Freeport.

Thing that sucks is that I'll have to move all my stuff back onto the Ahkmim and leave Kryn with the Beshmet to keep it tidy. I'll tell her to keep the ship there for now, in case we need to mount a defensive for the freeport again. I doubt much will happen, but anything's possible.

Guess I'll get the systems calibrated.. might need to call up the bird guy.. hehe..

I sometimes question my sanity. Until next.


Data Upload - File 1.05.825A.S. - Entry 10: Kryn Update

With the Ahkmim set out for the Bretonian Independent Worlds, I'm still staying in contact with her to maintain an up-to-date status with things back at the Freeport. So far, it seems like things are staying fairly calm, though from what I hear Kryn hasn't been out much due to issues with the Beshmet. I've given her access to my Sabre docked on the station, but I don't know how well she'll take flying Auxesian colors just yet.

Regardless, she's told me that the Core recently started a campaign or something against Dabadoru, which works for me. If it keeps the Order busy, that's more time I can use to gather people to work against them.

Hopefully refits on our support systems at Gran Canaria go well, because I want to get this thing over with. I suppose there's benefits to being able to roam the colonies, but in all honesty my main interest right now is getting Kalh out to the Omicrons so we can get this 'rebellion' in motion.

I've still got my eyes on Berth in the Seth. I'll try and get Kryn to send a team on-board to scope it out, assuming the Order still hasn't unmasked her true loyalties.

There's a reason I left the 'OCV-' on the end of her transponder.


Data Upload - File 1.29.825A.S. - Entry 11: Omega-49

The boys on Gran Canaria let me finally take the Ahkmim out for a run while they were cataloguing the results of what they'd done to her over the last week. Soon, hopefully, it will be truly space worthy, and I'll be able to finally get this operation into action, but for now, I guess it's the usual regular scouting.

We took the Cayman hole first, and as usual we were greeted with the same old red nebula, though that dreadnought wasn't there. Apparently, the Coalition and Corsairs had gone to Cayman with numerous clubs and basically beaten the whole place to hell and back. Kara was destroyed, and the rest of the stations were captured by some group. Was a pretty strange sight, but I guess it was finally time someone came to Cayman and set things 'right'.

Came back to Canaria and came across Harpy signals blaring across the system at the idiot Ransuer captain who brought his ship down from Alpha. Don't know where he's headed, but it looked like Gamma. Good riddance, I say.
Wasn't long though before I ran into Vertiga and Nodoka, along with escorting company like usual from her and the rest of the Freeport staff. Was a nice change of events from the usual 'go out to the club and no get hammered while Boyd chugs three gallons of spirits and wastes the paychecks I don't make for him', and I even got updated.

Hope these retrofits get finished soon. I want to get back home, and while the Ahkmim's close to one, '11's just got that stack of camaraderie I just can't get on this rusted old tub.


Data Upload - File 3.23.825A.S. - Entry 12: Freedom

Been too long, but the retrofits were finally finished. Had them come to the Freeport to finish them, since the whole place was in need of extra guns. Not so much these days, but now that the refits are finished and Nodoka's gone, I suppose it's my time to head out as well.

I haven't gotten any work back from Providence, which is 'mildly concerning', but I suppose they're all busy with planning and whatnot. Me, I'm going to get the hell out of the Omicrons. I've been stuck in these damn worlds for the last 24 years, and frankly I just want to see some new stars out my window, not to mention trying to inform the Order's buddies out there that they aren't fully up to snuff anymore, what with random civilian bombings and threats to use nukes.

I'll be heading to Liberty first on my route. The Dragons were more or less already introduced to the idea of the Order being a bunch of psychopaths when Augus saw it first hand. It'll be then to the Hackers, then the Rogues.. Bundschuh maybe.. Guess I'll see what Sirius has been like since the Nomad War..

Here's to a job well done. Kryn's already busted out the ale downstairs, so it's bye-bye Freeport. My old home. Guess the Ahkmim's got that honor now.

Maybe I can meet up with Nodoka. See how things are going with her.


Data Upload - File 3.23.825A.S. - Entry 12: New York

Headed down from Tohoku to the Heart of Liberty. Thank Christ for this cloaking device, else the Ahkmim'd be a sitting duck..
Made a few trips around the system, including the Donau attack sight, the Zone-21 entrance and the old satellite relay station that was supposed detect cloaked ships. Nothing. Not even a scrap of remnant energy.

Going to head to Inverness to meet up with Nodoka. It's easy bypassing the Navy nowadays with these toys the Ahkmim has, and even in a scuffle she's a pretty tanky ship.

I think I'm gonna like it out here.


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