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Full Version: Acquisition Contract || Tears of Izanagi
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⧫ Carthage
⧫ Omicron Epsilon
⧫ 26/09/824

Acquisition Contract

The Order signs agreement outside of constrains of Sigma Alliance to provide Tears of Izanagi with surplus The Order gunboat hull into service under Blood Dragon flag, together with assorted standard issue equipment as authorized by The Order Overwatch General Assembly under following terms.
Licenced hardware:
One (1) "Hathor" gunboat class hull CV-854
Up to Eight (8) "Zeal" gunboat turrets
One (1) "Cataclysm" gunboat torpedo launcher

Licenced equipment will not be used against: Bundschuh, Golden Chrysanthanemums
Tears of Izanagi will pay exactly 4 million Sirian credits to Order|Armory-II
Non-Izanagi and non-Order personnel will not be permitted aboard.
Cannot be further sold or ceded to third party without explicit authorization.

Major Martin Lorentz
Black Fleet, The Central Logistics and Acquisitions Bureau

Daimyo ......................
Tears of Izanagi

Daimyo Kijima
Tears of Izanagi