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Full Version: Lanakov's story and comms bump/feedback
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Hello ! With my increased involvement in several factions, I have thought it wise to make one of these for myself.
So if you have anything you wish to do with either the Unione Corse or the Marine Royale Gauloise, or Gallia at large, ask away and we'll see where we go from there and with whom.
Don't hesitate to ping me here for replies, as well. Of course, I very much welcome critical opinion and advice on my writing.

And yes, the insults go here.

New stuff :

Ainsi je frappe
(thus I strike) : a story thread revolving around Isabelle Montlaville de Chanteloup, my main character and chief of staff of the MRG. It's mainly about describing her current situation and actions relating to running the war against Bretonia (and Liberty), her hopes and fears and the decisions she's going to take as the war is clearly drawing to an apocalyptic end. The idea with that is to give added depth and humanity to the current face of the Gallic invasion, and also offer another perspective to the conflict. I also intend her story to tie closely into the story development, namely the big geopolitical events in Sirius and the way the war is going to be concluded.
It will interlaced with flashbacks dealing with her formative years and assorted coming-of-age events of various relevance and poignancy. I borrowed the idea from Suppy's excellent Triste Epoque. Go read that.

The Al-Basra correspondence
: as those of you who know me have probably noticed, I had a hard time playing anything outside of Gallia ever since I returned to Disco. In no small part because of my well documented ultranationalistic drive, but also because I am extremely eager to exploit Gallia's potential in regards to RP and gameplay, something I've been trying to accomplish ever since Ramke gave me the keys to the MRG.
Now that I've laid the foundation I wanted to lay down and the faction is doing well, I've been pursuing a new project : a closed-economy, hardcore journey of a dispossessed Maltese character, on the run from his father's creditors and desperate to find a way to repay his debts and salvage his family. Watch out, this is going to be pretentious ; with this story, I plan to take things in a rather dark place and explore the various moral intricacies of doing unquestionably evil things for the perceived good of others and several other themes ; survival of the body vs survival of the soul, greed and survival, self-searching, etc. Yes, pretentious, as I warned you. Note that this is freeform ; I've a rough outline of a story in my mind, but it'll play out exclusively based off ingame activity. Al-Basra has a clear goal and I plan to adjust the story accordingly if he falls short on it.
If he doesn't, and manages to meet and hire enough other players, the Al-Basra could become an Outcast slaver faction on its own. But I really would like to make it a genuine thing, born from little and that (perhaps) became great and influential, rather than pop up a faction infopage proclaiming the importance of this thing I just made up. Finally, you will notice this story has a great coating of north-african vibes. That is perfectly intended ; Arabic cultures fascinate me, and I feel they haven't been explored much in Disco yet. So there's that too. I have great ambitions for this story in just about every regard : narration, exoticism, adventure, soul-searching, and most of all fun and interactions. So let's see how that goes.

Current UC comms and stories :

The Unione Corse gathering

Current MRG comms and stories :

The great and glorious SUPERDUPONT, a new series which I intend to be fun, irreverent and parodic. Your character is likely to feature at some point if he or she is with or against the ROI. Don't hesitate to leave inRP comments in the story thread itself !

Episode 2 of SUPERDUPONT is currently in the works. It'll be a loose follow-up to Episode 1, with more groups and characters ridiculed. Much like episode 1 revolved around the Montmorency NEMP, episode 2 will surf on the various big events that have occured lately. I've no ETA for it, but it's coming, fast.

The ceremony of knighthood. A multi-character story which is a great fun to write and should hopefully turn out to be a fun read. Features several very good RPers eager to go full pomp. You're probably not ready.

A comm to EFL demanding that they get to work on diplomacy for the benefit of Gallia. Worryingly, has gone unanswered despite thinly veiled threats.
A quick update : IRL Gallic navy has got me a bit busy lately, will be overseas until next month. I'll have regular access to the internet but I'll need to relegate Disco to a secondary occupation. Not gone for long, and not too far either.
And another little update with new stuff to read !

And as a general notice, I'm back in a regular fashion. Life is back to full stability, I have spare time and energy. Count on much MRG and UC charm offensives in the months to come.
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Dragon Noir!

Merci beaucoup!
Get some UC deliveries to the Council board, plox. Danks.
Being honest, you could use some more work in BB-codes formating, Probably, it's just the question of taste, but I see your stories, as the mess of different fonts and colors.
(04-15-2018, 02:15 PM)Nerva Regis Wrote: [ -> ]༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Dragon Noir!

Merci beaucoup!

Soon ! ™

(04-15-2018, 02:16 PM)Thyrzul Wrote: [ -> ]Get some UC deliveries to the Council board, plox. Danks.

Soon ! ©

(04-15-2018, 02:23 PM)Corpus13 Wrote: [ -> ]Being honest, you could use some more work in BB-codes formating, Probably, it's just the question of taste, but I see your stories, as the mess of different fonts and colors.

If you're referring to SUPERDUPONT, then the colorful mess is very much on purpose and in the spirit of an over-the-top propaganda cartoon.
Regarding the rest, I'm all ears, please shoot advice my way !
Spaces before punctuation marks in English are generally considered a typing error.

Just so you know.
I'm aware of it. But it's a reflex drilled into us very early on, and by now I find sticking words to question and exclamation marks to be unseemly. That extra space brings much needed breathing room.

Yet another mark of Gallic supremacy.
New notice. I've been very sollicited and on-and-off these past three months. I was in a period of deep professional transition, and some personal stuff got in the way too, as tends to be the way with these things.
I've just completed my move and will start my new job this Monday. It'll take an adjustment period, but I should quickly return to Spring levels of activity.

New stuff added. Check it out !
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