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Full Version: 2018 ModDB image/video drive (UPDATED: See post #11)
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It is that time again, ladies and gentlepeeples.
Please submit your screenshots and video links in this thread.

Please note the following guidelines:

1. All images should be submitted as direct gallery links, rather than individual images.
2. If you are using any graphical mods, please specify this somewhere in your post.
3. Screenshots using graphical mods are allowed, however it is heavily encouraged to avoid ones using custom textures for ships.
4. Screenshots are not necessarily meant to portray no-hud'ed nebulas. Images portraying verbal player interaction, kill-shots, regular gameplay are just as acceptable.

I have a moddb update article ready for the weekend and would like submissions for this thread to end on Saturday.
Training fight in Connecticut:

Pirates destroying 2 transports and a bomber escort:

Coalition pilot receiving his first assignment and returning home after mission:

Coalition pilot intercepting drug smuggling Outcast and attacking:
Some stuff from Hidden Giant, I can make small graphics edits (like discretely taking out text or removing weapon effects or etc on request).
I was asked to provide my material here. It's not much, looking at the requirements, since I mostly play with custom reskins. Some are visible in those pictures, mostly not though. I don't have any bigger versions, those are mostly scaled down for forum purposes. It's literally all I have.

Click me hard
I looked through my screens I kept around and picked some out. Maybe there are some in the small collection that could come in handy. :3
I used either the "Swag Pack" or the "Ultimate Freelancer Graphics and SFX Pack"

Small book of screenshots
Keep them coming, guys. Good stuff so far.
Found few decent enough.

Edit: I'm using swag pack.
I should be able to submit a shot or two of a Geisha featuring extensive use of the pimpship feature, once I get home in about 10 hours. Gotta highlight those mod features!
I have a video idea using Queens - Bohemian Rhapsody song,
itll be a lot of editing and grabbing from a few camera angles from people that can record

Would need a few people involved from the bad guys of liberty (mostly the known pirates/hostile factions)

People that can record decent vid quality etc

Just an idea I had earlier today

It obviously wouldn’t be ready for the mod page, but something I'm thinking about for a future release

I'm using some custom HD station textures from Starport, HD Defender and Sweet FX
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