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Hello discovery.
Quite a while i logged into this. believe almost 4 years. You all now how this goes. Age, work, girl, new house, new games.....
Still never thought i wanted to come back but as a lot of you old members know sometimes you cant resist the urge. Somehow discovery has this effect on many ppl.

Well iam eager to see if the Rp is still as good as it was in the day.... and for godsake tell me Bretonia has defeated Galia and invaded kusari.

Welcome back.
Bretonia is getting stomped on by Gallia and whatnot.
Welcome back, man! If you wanna help Bretonia, join BAF|MN-

Anyways, have fun here again (happy)
Welcome back Vet!
Howdy hey and welcome back, sir! The Bretonian warfront NEEDS you!

On a serious note, it's bad news for Bretonia. Leeds is pretty much fully Gallic controlled now, and now the Royal Navy is starting to be seen in New London. Not only that, but they've back-doored their way through Manchester and have made it all the way into California, so Gallia is effectively fighting two wars at once and somehow managing it, though I'd imagine with how long Gallia has been around, there has to be SOME end to its seemingly endless resources. With two Houses and a mini-House a'la Crayterian's Republic having given them this much hassle for so long, I think it's time for Gallia to lose some ground.

Anyways, glad to see fellow oldies but goodies!
Hi Hushy!

just rolled back in as well, nice to a see a familiar face.