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dunno if anyone still remembers me, but hello after almost 4 years Smile
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Hello. I dont know you, but I wasn't there 4 years ago Smile
thankyou far warm welcomes, it was an awesome five years of an unforgettable gaming experience, which got me back due to nostalgia Smile i look forward to spreading the wings again
Will be fun Smile
What factions did you play?
i was in the order tcg, CGS yeah, the jokers, Aoi Isejin, coalition, and many many more including nomads outcasts corsairs RHA etc etc

good to be back tho
Welcome back then Smile
I don't know you but might be that I was too green to know anyone 4 years ago.
You were one of Jokers Thugs right? The Joker use to run around the New York system in his gunboat full of flashy lights, destroying just about anything that rolled up on him. Anyways, I remember the forum account. Well come back.
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