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Full Version: please help i whant to come back
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hello i was a player here long ago and whant to come back i used to have 2 bases in omega 7 Genevashiping and defense platforms i contributed a lil for the game role play at the time was fun and i whant to see my old buddys again.
are some of the character names i remenber

i recovered the accounts from an old disk and imported them using the discovery launcher tho the names are the same ,
but i dont have any of my ships or credits pls help
i created a bunch of characters on those old accounts and nothing happen Sad((( iwhana coma back*cryyy
Your old accounts had been deleted if you did not logged on any of them for 6 months (I think that was the term?)
So your only chance if you want to come back is to start fresh. New account and all that.
After six months of inactivity, ships are deleted and unable to be recovered.
If you want a bit of a push then apply here
Welcome back my friend, been a while why dont you contact me in skype Victor-Frankenstein and we can sort things out *Miss the old days*
Thank you all for the support
i already posted in the right place for the Veteran package (tho i dont know if i can be considered a veteran hehe)
Feels good to be back in the comunity Big Grin