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Full Version: To: My dearest associate, Joe Pickens of USI ⚡ From: Blackfriar, LH~
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Mister Pickens,

As they say, knowledge is a poison and ignorance is a bliss. Like an animal, a common man chooses to wear blinders, not to see the filth, corruption and wickedness of this world. You ask yourself why? Perhaps it's easier to live unknowingly of the evil around us, it may be simpler to think there's nothing wrong. You wake up, you go to work, you come back, you go to sleep. Cycle that has its end - death. You, on the other hand, chose to break the circle, to break the chains of ignorance, to see the reality. I applaud you for that.

As you've been promised, I will show you one small fragment of evidence we have on corruption that's happening right at your doorstep - in Liberty.

Proof #1
Proof #2
Proof #3

If you don't believe me, would you perhaps believe your former president, Tam Nyund? He was well aware of the situation with Independent Neutralnet Division and their power over the Liberty government. Should I remind you of his fate? He was forced to resign shortly after, and replaced with a puppet that's trained to keep his mouth shut.

While our latest meeting was quite interesting, we both know it was a risky move, and it is not my intention to expose you to it any further. With that in mind, I have prepared a much needed change regarding our exchange of goods. You shall contact the owner of Poena Outpost[1] and request a docking permit. The reason of the request is yours to choose. I shall arrange that a package awaits you there. Then, you shall pick it up and deliver it to your contracts. Do not forget to make guncam evidence of the delivery which you will post here. We do not want it to end up in wrong hands, after all.
Receipt of datapackage confirmed... Download in progress...

Decryption Protocol:##########

[Image: n05BQka.jpg]

Security confirmation verified...
File execution initiated...

  • -- Signal origin coordinates: Kepler System
  • -- Sender Identification: Joe Pickens
  • -- Recipient: Mr. Blackfriar

Hello again,

As requested, the package has been delivered to Manhattan. Please arrange for another drop and I will again bring it the rest of the way. I'd ask you to keep your inquiries discreet, but seeing as our latest encounter was as professional as it was efficient, i'm sure I have nothing to worry about. Until next time.

Attached Files
Proof of delivery

[Image: dJ2VpUG.png]

Joe Pickens
Universal Shipping Inc

Transmission terminated

[Image: 119a.png][Image: 4.png]


How are you? It's been quite a long time since our last conversation. Aside from that, I'm glad to see that the shipment has arrived to its destination safe and sound, and I'm sure it brought you quite the profit. Do not worry; The inquiries are a mere formality, your secret is safe with me.

Regarding our next meeting. Feel free to forward me your schedule. I'l make sure to find some time to meet with you in person. The usual spot, of course.