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Full Version: Rheinland Military [RM] - Rollcall
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[Image: 34q1t0k.png]
Soldaten of the Rheinland Military, the Oberkommando decided to do a rollcall. You have 1 week to fill this form out. If you fail to do so, you will be moved to the Reserveflotte.

Join date:
Shipclass and shipname:
Current activity level (1-10):
Interest level (1-10)
[Image: 34q1t0k.png]
Name: Karl Kitshoff
Rank: Gefreiter
Join date: 01/02/2018?
Shipclass and shipname: Wraith- [RM]Ge.Karl.Kitshoff
Current activity level (1-10): - 1
Interest level (1-10) - 6
Ideas: Krieg!
[Image: 34q1t0k.png]
Name: Klemens Kossuth, Adalwolf al Maghribi
Rank: Kapitän, Flieger
Join date: 14th of February 2017
Shipclass and shipname: Elbe ([RM-RNC]Fredegunde), Wraith ([RM]
Current activity level (1-10): 0
Interest level (0-10): 3
Ideas: My interest level will rise to about 8 if we krieg Kusari.
[Image: 34q1t0k.png]
Name: Bjorn Koch
Rank: Gerfrieter
Join date: Like January, man.
Shipclass and shipname: Scraper - [RM]-Ge.Bjorn.Koch
Current activity level (1-10): 4
Interest level (1-10) 4
Ideas: More right clicks.
[Image: 34q1t0k.png]
Name: Ronald Hetzer
Rank: Hauptmann
Join date: January or so
Shipclass and shipname: [RM[RWK-Hilden , Donau , [RM]Sturmvogel , Bomber , [RM]Messerschmitt , Wraith
Current activity level (1-10): 8
Interest level (1-10): 15
Ideas: Sieges!
[Image: 34q1t0k.png]
Name: Ulrich Wurth
Rank: Flieger
Join date: 14th February, 2017
Shipclass and shipname: 140-ARKM-N58 "Bergelmir" [RM]Fl.Ulrich.Wurth
Current activity level (1-10): 0
Interest level (1-10): depends
Ideas: I'm waiting for a gameplay experience I had with KGS, that was promised to continue before we merged.
[Image: 34q1t0k.png]
Name: Ludwig Behnisch
Rank: Hauptmann
Join date: 11/2/2018
Shipclass and shipname: [RM]RNC-Mirmulnir (elbe), [RM]RNC-Attendorn (donau), [RM]RNC-Kronprinz (Bismark)
Current activity level (1-10): 2
Interest level (1-10): 5
Ideas: a war would jumpstart activity level
[Image: 34q1t0k.png]
Name: Hugo Oppenheimer, Vincent Stiglitz
Rank: Flieger
Join date: Today (3/12/2018)
Shipclass and shipname: [RM]Fl.Hugo.Oppenheimer (Wraith VHF)
Current activity level (1-10): 8
Interest level (1-10): 10
Ideas: Everybody else is saying war, and I am a warmonger at heart. However I still am very new and just want to get trained and get my feet wet
[Image: 34q1t0k.png]
Name: Luisa Kaiser
Rank: Hauptmann
Join date: January/February
Shipclass and shipname: [RM]Hm.Luisa.Kaiser (Wraith), [RM]RNC-Jagdpanther/Jagdtiger (Oders), [RM]RNC-Scharnhorst (Elbe)
Current activity level (1-10): 3
Interest level (1-10): 7
Ideas: Patrols, training and krieg.
[Image: 34q1t0k.png]
Name: Richard Fiedler, Erhardt Meissner
Rank: Feldwebel, Major or Konteradmiral
Join date: I think in february last year, the day KGS| merged with [RM]
Shipclass and shipname: [RM]Fw.Richard.Fiedler, [RM-RNC]Seydlitz
Current activity level (1-10): Currently rather high, due to holidays
Interest level (1-10): solid 7
Ideas: Make more out of the Xi and Sigma wars! They're underplayed.
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