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Full Version: The Triad of main characters - Wesker Feedback
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[Image: EwTYDGJ.png]

[Image: sKPAscY.png]

[Image: Sn0jAIQ.png]

Click for bio on each.
You owe me about 1.4 billion for the ships you got deleted Smile
Casey Jones not coming back then?
Probably not unfortunately, I don't enjoy just cutting myself off but in this case - I have to. Given I need to handle RHA related things (getting us official, remaking shareds, starting RP, etc) I don't have time for too many other characters. As it stands, the only 1 of these characters that appears ingame frequently is Kidman. If sometime in the future after things have settled, I'll look into bringing back some stuff.

Tl dr mark him as MIA for now skorak.
Fixed up some stuff, enjoy.
Yea the most recent edition of "The end of an Era?" will also include perspectives from other HC members. Also NO ANNA IS NOT GONE FOREVER LOOK AT THE DATE.
uptd w stuff
updated, is Alice back???
Please, don't. Return Council chick!
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