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Full Version: Big ol' Barge
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Does this ship still exsist?

Do pilots still have a code 15 license to fly it?

Is it still obtainable?
Nope. It was removed from the mod completly, even including files.
Ah i see, what a shame...

I whould have liked to own such a monstrosity.
have you ever flown one?
Never no, but I've heard stories about its troublesome maneuvering. I just whould have liked to own one, especially for the flagship of the Independent Traders Union.
All Barges became the Bustard. It is a civilian carrier that for the purposes of ship allowances per ID rules, is treated as a transport. Although nowhere near as big as the Barge, it's still the biggest ship available to many non-battleship factions!

The Bustard can certainly be used as a flagship, especially when equipped with a Jump Drive Mk. IV (Can jump others within close proximity as well as itself). Finally, it can also be equipped with multiple Docking Modules, which are likely to be active again in the near future.
I used to have a picture of one firmly lodged in a jump gate. It was a cool idea, but more than a bit impractical.
Yea I flew one for a few weeks! Used it for base building and ore jumping (!) when it was still possible. 25 m/s speed and 80 m/s cruise speed with minutes to charge cruise. Also took minutes to turn around - not if an NPC or any ship bumped into you. Then it just spinned like a gyroscope to a random direction. Asteroid fields? NO. Just no. Could travel in a trade lane though when grouped. Troublesome beast but it could do miracles. Overall wasn't better than any 5ker because of all the disadvantages except when jumped full of ore. It was still an experience to fly.
Those were the fun days. The barge was awesome..
I knew I still had that picture of the stuck barge. This was right after its introduction:

[Image: Qrj4xL7.jpg]
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