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Full Version: To: The Lane Hackers - LH~
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[Image: GC_bla.png]

Konbanwa, dear friends. Ohisashiburi desu. I hope you are still all well?

I come to you today with a rather private request. It did not go unnoticed that a new vessel appeared among your ranks, your own design for a Gunship. While I am not having any specific data about it, this already caught my interest. I suppose you are still aware that I am piloting one of your Vindicators and I have to say I am so far every satisfied with its performance. If I am permitted to take a guess, I would say that this Gunship is focusing on the same like the Vindicator's design; stealth and the ability of electronic warfare.

I suppose that this new Gunship's production did not reach a high level yet but for the moment I be more than satisfied with just some background information regarding your newest achievement. Perhaps it could be of use to myself too, we will see.

Arigatō for your time and my apologizes for reaching out for you at such a late hour. Hopefully I will hear from you soon.

[Image: FZ7he12.png]