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Attention Core| pilots: for exclusive contracts, see here.

You may claim on this board using any form you desire. We highly suggest something like this:

[color=#40BFFF][b]Your Name:[/b][/color]       [color=#FFFFFF]        <Insert name here>         [/color]
[color=#40BFFF][b]Name Of Target:[/b][/color]           [color=#FFFFFF]     <Insert name here>          [/color]
[color=#40BFFF][b]Scan Of Target's ID:[/b][/color]              [url=INSERT HERE]Identification[/url]
[color=#40BFFF][b]Evidence Of Target's Death:[/b][/color]          [url=INSERT HERE]Kill confirmed[/url]
[color=#40BFFF][b]Payment Owed:[/b][/color] [color=#FFFFFF]     <Insert exact amount here>        [/color]
[color=#40BFFF][b]Total amount owed (Bonuses included):[/b][/color][color=#FFFFFF]       <Insert grand total here>           [/color]
[color=#40BFFF][b]Account To Receive Payment:[/b][/color] [color=#FFFFFF]     <Insert name here>         [/color]

The sum you receive depends on the class of ships you destroy. It will not matter if it's an outcast or a corsair battleship, the payment will be the same.
We don't discriminate, we eradicate.

All ships with the official Core| ID are getting x2 multiplier.

Snubs and support craft:
  • Light Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Very Heavy Fighter, Super Heavy Fighter, Bombers - 5,000,000 Credits per kill.
  • Transport, Liners, Freighters, Repair ships - 6,000,000 Credits per kill.
Capital Ships:
  • Gunships, Gunboats, Frigates - 6,500,000 Credits per kill
  • Cruisers, Battlecruisers - 7,500,000 Credits per kill
  • Battleships, Dreadnoughts, Carriers, Bustards - 8,500,000 Credits per kill
    *One person can claim one kill on the same target no more than one (1) time every 24 hours.
    **If the target was spotted and/or engaged in a system covered by the bounty but fled to one that is not included, the contract is considered valid.

    • The Order
      Area of effect: Sirius Wide.

    • Corsairs
      Area of effect: Omicrons, Omegas, Sigmas

    • Outcasts
      Area of effect: Omicrons, Omegas, Sigmas

    • Gammu AI
      Area of effect: Omicrons, Omegas, Sigmas

    • The Coalition
      Area of effect: Sirius Wide.

    • Nomads, Wilde, Aoi, D9 and other infectees
      Area of effect: Sirius Wide.

    Pot Available*: 300,000,000 Credits
    Total amount paid: ~1,090,133,000 Credits
    *Last pot reset: 16.04.826

    Application to the Board

    All 'The Core' and 'Bounty Hunters Guild' ID'd ships are pre-registered. You do not need to register to this board. For all other IDs, please see this link.

    Registered Groups / Individuals
    • Core vessels
    •APM vessels
    Max Powers
    • BHG vessels
    The Forlorn Hope
    • Ezrael Vertiga
    Kirsty Anselm