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Full Version: To: Heung Hideyoshi, CC: Natio Octavarium | From: "Homura". | BD| - NO direct channel
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Recipient: Heung Hideyoshi.

Sender: "Homura"

Subject: Natio Octavarium.

Encryption: Unbreakable.

Konbanwa, Hideyoshi-san,

Short after the audience with the Taii-Shogun, i have boarded the hyperspace shuttle to 'Kokura', and immediately departed to Tau-44 in my Wyrm. The visit did pay off in an encounter with representatives of Natio Octavarium, that seem to be sympathetic to our cause, and highly not fond about the intrustion of Gallia into the Sirius Sector.
The past of Natio Octavarium seems shady, perhaps, it should stay the way it is, but, as one of our close neighbours and potential partners, they should not be ignored, thus, i am granting them full access to this channel, and, i believe, the rest you will be handling with the representatives of Natio Octavarium. I hope this word of greeting from them is going to turn into a fruitful and beneficial collaboration for both Dragons and our potential allies.

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The Hideyoshi Shogunate
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Encryption: High

Location: Undisclosed

Recipient: Homura

Sender: Heung Hideyoshi

Subject: First Contact

[Image: ZGmzd3s.png]

Konbanwa Homura,

I have looked over the logs and I have to say you handled first contact with this group very well. I will pass all information along to the Shogun and if he wishes to pursue friendship it will be of great use. If you are needed for further details you will be contacted.

Heung Hideyoshi,
Shogunate Treasurer and Representative of Shogun Hideyoshi.

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[ Incoming Transmission ]

[Image: Harold-Kane.png]

Identification: Minister Harold Kane
Affiliation: Natio Octavarium, Ministry of Relations

To: Hyung Hideoshi, Blood Dragons
CC: Homura

Subject: Opening of Relations
Encryption: Hai.
Location: Melbourne Station, Tau-44

Konnichiwa, Hideyoshi-san.

First of all, please allow me to express my gratitude for your engagement of the Natio in this channel. I do not wish to take too much of your time, as I am sure you have a great many tasks to accomplish on a daily basis.

My name is Harold Kane. I am the Minister of Relations for Natio Octavarium. My roles include being the primary diplomatic contact for our people as well as the leader of our armed forces. I am of the understanding that the Minister of Intelligence has been in contact with the Blood Dragon Shogunate recently, so I will not waste your time by reiterating what has already been said separately by him. That being said, please do not hesitate to reach out to either of us if you have any further questions.

We are very interested in pursuing relations with the rightful shogunate of Kusari. We sincerely hope this can be accomplished to great mutual benefit of our peoples.

Warmest regards,
Harold Kane
Minister of Relations, Natio Octavarium

[ Transmission Ended ]